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Posted by on March 13, 2011

SweetE’s been pretty busy lately. It’s that New York City lifestyle that creeps up on you sometimes. Since I feel as if I’ve been neglecting FNT, I’ve finally set aside some down time to write up a longer post.

I recently came across this track, and after being played on repeat for the past few days, I felt the need to post it. It is pure fire. If its seductive lyrics and hot vocals don’t “perk” your ears up, there’s clearly something wrong with you. “Cause I like that sound of that beep, beep, boom…..

DOWNLOAD: The Banger Bros feat. MelAkai – Beep Beep Boom (Chrizz Luvly Remix)

I posted that Alex Guadino/Kelly Rowland banger, “What A Feeling,” yesterday. If you didn’t download it, you can do so by heading to my post here. Remixes of the track have most obviously popped up. The I’m Still In Love remix, posted below, is one of those tracks made for festival madness. Download it, jam out and then download the Nicky Romero remix, as well.

DOWNLOAD: Alex Gaudino Ft. Kelly Rowland – What A Feeling (I’m Still In Love Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Alex Gaudino Ft. Kelly Rowland – What A Feeling (Nicky Romero Remix)

Oh, and since I can’t POSSIBLY leave my dubstep fiends without their daily dose of head splicing bass–this track is for you. Pigeon went nuts on this Bare Noize remix. The “whomps” hit in all the right places.

DOWNLOAD: Bare Noize – Nocturnal VIP (Pigeon Remix)