Dubstep | Excision, Downlink – Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix)

Posted by on August 14, 2012

The highly anticipated Excision and Downlink “X-Rated Remix Album” finally has a release date set for September 3rd featuring some of the biggest names in EDM on this list such as Dirtyphonics, Elite Force, Eptic, Lucky Date, Far Too Loud, Loadstar, Xilent, Specimen A, SPACE LACES, Calyx & TeeBee, and more. This is going to be a MASSIVE remix album to say the least. To hold us over until then Excision saw fit to release these two remixes of Crowd Control by Delta Heavy and Pixel Fist. Delta Heavy smashed their heavy drumstep remix with some of their gritty synths and fast paced drums. Pixel Fist fell a little short on their remix in my opinion, not really contributing anything out of the ordinary. You can get both remixes on Beatport HERE.

Dubstep | Benga – Icon / I Will Never Change (Pixel Fist Remix)

Posted by on June 24, 2012

Benga unleashing his latest single today entitled Icon, alongside a remix of his unique styled track I Will Never Change that has finally hit the iTunes shelves. Kind of following the theme of I Will Never Change and sticking to his roots, Benga provides us with another old-school styled dubstep track that we would have expected from him a few years back. Not giving into this new heavier style of dubstep which has emerged over the past year and taken over the scene, but keeping it tasteful with a hint of UK garage splattered throughout the track. On the other hand, alongside his single he decided it was time for the world to get a taste of Pixel Fist’s remix to I Will Never Change, which takes the mellow track and cranks up the filth to destroy crowds wherever it is heard. After previewing it a few months ago there had been some anticipation building up as to when this remix would be released, so it was nice to see Benga being mindful about how long it took for the remix to come out. Unfortunately you can only purchase his single on the UK iTunes right now, but it should be available in the US sometime this week. So if you can, grab it off of  the UK iTunes HERE.


Also read on to download this free remix of Icon by Benga and KBG.


Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Moombahton | Muffler Remixes: Volume Two (Subhuman)

Posted by on May 23, 2012

Muffler and Subhuman are back at it again with Volume Two of the Muffler Remixes. Don’t expect anything less than the grimiest dubstep bangers and the heaviest drum & bass tracks from these guys.  Now that you have been warned, we can continue and disclose these superb tunes.

Pixel Fist making another appearance on a Muffler EP , and yet again bringing another heavy drumstep/drum and bass banger. No complaints from this track, providing the screechy synths and thick sub-bass. Bare bringing a similar styled remix as Pixel Fist, but slower for obvious reasons (BPM). This track separates itself from Bare’s other tracks, because he incorporates more punch to each of his kicks and drops, which overall brings a heavier atmosphere to the track. Continuing on we have three other dubstep/drum & bass remixes provided by Ajapai, Muffler, and Nightwalker. Nothing short of bass-driven bangers from all three artist. I have to say the last remix provided by Billy The Gent X Long Jawns is the most unique and stylish to me being that it is Moombahton. These guys are on the rise and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their releases. You can get the whole EP on Beatport HERE.

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