Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on May 1, 2012

Decided it was time to bring the Moombah Monday girls back, enough of the videos. First up we have something from one of the best in producing Moombahton. His production quality is second to none when it comes to this genre as we saw in his massive collab with Heartbreak entitled PIMPIN. Glad to see JWLS dropping some new material and you can DL the track through SCION AV provided on his Soundcloud.

Diplo being the boss he is, dropped another freebie for the fans through Major Lazer. Looks like Moombahton finally got to him, because this is about the third time we have seen his name on a Moombah production in the past month. He has also been incorporating Moombahton remixes more, and more into his sets. Either way, pretty dope collaboration with ETC!ETC! including a little island feel that Diplo always brings to the table.

You know you want to…….