Dubstep, Featured, Interviews | xKore – Entropy (Masq Remix) [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on March 28, 2013


It already goes without saying that xKore has been taking the scene by storm these past few months, but thats not what this post is about. Masq is a new artist I was introduced to when the Getter – Fallout remix competition arose. I still think he holds one of the best remixes in the competition, but that decision is up to Getter. After scavenging through his Soundcloud I ran into this amazing bootleg remix that wasn’t released and I knew needed to be. Masq carries his own unique sound and creates tracks in all areas of the BPM spectrum, from neruohop, to dnb, to dubstep, with even a little free form piano here and there. This track was one of xKore’s older pieces that was never completed/released as far as I know, but Masq took the melody and threw his flavor all over this track to create this more aggressive sounding bootleg remix. Of course we were able to get it as a free download for you guys which you can find below, along with a little background about Masq in the interview we had with him; also below.

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DOWNLOAD: xKore – Entropy (Masq Remix)

(Interview Below)

Dubstep | Konec – Cascade EP

Posted by on November 19, 2012

Rising star Konec has just released his first EP entitled Cacade EP, out not on ‘Dub-All or Nothing’. Most well known for his laser filled remix to N*ggas in Paris that has been rinsed out by xKore during his FP tour sets; that remix barely scratches the surface of what he has in store. This EP has a nice 16-bit/old school video game theme to it that won me over after my first play of Cascade. The intro to Cascade lures me into the track every time, and not to mention the amazing melody and transition into the intense drop. With Jaguar there is more epic feel throughout, with pauses in the intro between chords. After we have the suspenseful build-up complete, we get a taste of the drop a few seconds before, after which we are hit with the heavy growl along with some jaguar sounds between. The amount of detail in both tracks is outstanding, and each listen through you notice more and more. Along with the two originals we also have two fantastic remixes provided by Poisound and Centra. Poisound takes Jaguar and gives it his usually deathly drumstep touch to transform the track into a fast paced banger. Centra’s remix to Cascade is more along the lines of his uplifting style of DnB with a nice nero-funk styled drop. Be sure to grab this EP off of Beatport HERE, or iTunes UK HERE, or iTunes US HERE. As a little added bonus we got to talk with this outstanding artist in an interview that can be read after the jump below. It’s one of my favorite interviews to date, so don’t miss it. Show him some support on his social media’s that can be found in the links below.

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Exclusive, Featured, Interviews, Moombahton | D!RTY AUD!O – Str8 Rider [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on September 24, 2012

FNT favorite, D!RTY AUD!O is back again with another exclusive Moombahton original for you guys. After hearing the preview of this track a few months back I new I had to get this exclusive for the FNT fans. With many artist who were originally releasing Moombahton now creating Trap there are only a few I can count on to keep the good Moombah flowing and D!RTY AUD!O is one of them. This track has a great overall feel to it with a nice sample of a Brazilian track as well as a Dirty Dutch/ Moombah infused drop to get the crowd going. We were able to sit down and interview this young talent as well, which can be read by clicking the ‘Read On’ link below.