Progressive House | Arias – Majoris

Posted by on May 4, 2013

The resurgent Parisian has been been quietly releasing some of the best progressive house this year with tracks like “Andromeda” and “Pegasus” showing his production potency. His third release of the year, the celestial loving Frenchman gives us another gem on his newly formed Olympia Records. Arias adds his progressive charm to the track with spacey pads, subtle arps, and an entrancing melody, but switches it up with a quick alternating bass line to add some texture to the interlude.

Beatport: Arias – Majoris

Progressive House | Arias – Pegasus

Posted by on March 2, 2013


Frenchman Arias follows up his previous effort “Andromeda” with his second release “Pegasus” on his newly launched record label Olympia Records. “Pegasus” ventures into the same style as his previous release that is very melodic and upbeat using chugging bass lines, churning synth chords and haunting pitched key play to bring out the sound that is both his own and lends itself to a Pryda Friends release. Arias has been quiet recently, but with these two releases in the past two months, it is great to hear his sound again.

Beatport: Arias – Pegasus

Progressive House | Arias – Andromeda

Posted by on January 21, 2013


Frenchman, Julien Arias, professionally known as Arias first made his name known back in 2006 aside Arno Cost with “Magenta” and later in 2011 with “Days To Come” with Arno Cost & Michael Feiner. He since has been pretty quiet, releasing a remix here and there like his “Someone Like You” remix that did pretty well. However, with the launch of his label Olympia Records and its debut release “Andromeda”, it is safe to say that Arias is back and will be busy on the production front. “Andromeda” is a very proggy, melodic track with well crafted synth layers, rolling bass lines, pitched leads, dextrous key play and a subtle vocal that round out this incredibly unique and timeless offering from the Parisian producer. This is the type of track I could see Pryda dropping during a peak moment in one of his sets.

Beatport: Arias – Andromeda