Hip-Hop, Interviews, Videos | The Greatest Interview Of All Time: Webbie In Walmart On 9/11, Occupy Wall Street, and More

Posted by on November 6, 2011

-On Voting For Obama: “I ain’t gon’ lie, I didn’t vote.” Later he said, “I voted in 50 different states.”
-On Pajama Bottoms: “Once you get straight baby, you get too tired to go shop.”
-On Occupy Wall Street: “I live for the best. So what I can do, is pray, and hope for the best. So whatever is going on, my opinion is the best answer.”
-On 9/11 Being An Inside Job: “You talking about when the airplanes hit them buildings? You talking about in this country? I don’t know.”
-On How Many Children He Has: “All of ‘em. A hundred. Million. 10 Million. However many of ‘em in the world.”

I usually don’t waste my time on Youtube interviews, but this will be the best 25 minutes you’ve ever spent. When I watched this interview, I spit my coffee out and I wasn’t even drinking any. This is what your brain looks like on drugs. I don’t know about you, but I’m purchasing the album on the strength of this interview. Webbie’s upcoming “Savage Life 3” is in stores November 15th. Get ya h*e mane.

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