Interviews | [Exclusive] The Rise Of Collin McLoughlin

Posted by on March 18, 2014

We remember when we first received an e-mail from Collin McLoughlin. It was 2010, and he contacted us with a single submission. We were instantly impressed. In fact, we can still remember where we were when we heard his voice. We knew then that Collin McLoughlin was destined for greatness. While the Collin’s road to success has taken him to places like NBC’s “The Voice”, he’s on a new mission. Since July of 2013, Collin has been releasing a slew of impressive remixes and originals that have gained support from just about everyone in the blogosphere. Collin’s profile is quickly rising, so we decided to check in with him to talk about how a Youtube cover singer from New York became one of the most talked about names in the melodic bass world.

1. Forgive me for asking, but how did a guy that was knocked out in the second round of NBC’s “The Voice” become a successful melodic dubstep producer and DJ, essentially out of nowhere?

It took an incredible amount of dedication and hard work. I’ve learned everything I know about production from various online tutorials, Youtube, and trial and error. I also have had some good friends like Carlos Cid who have given me tremendous advice. That said, the majority of my DJ and production knowledge has come from an insane amount of hard hours spent teaching myself.


Videos | Drake – Girls Love Beyonce (Rendition) by SoMo

Posted by on April 21, 2013

It just to happens that everytime I hear a new SoMo Sunday, I am also watching NBC’s The Voice. Joseph SoMo is better than every person I’ve seen on NBC’s primetime singing competition. But I’m going to give credit where credit is due and let you all know that Joseph SoMo is one of the best singers in this country. He can go toe to toe with the best of them, and I’m sure he would have all 4 coaches at his beck and call if he were to go Collin McLoughlin and make the transition from the blog game to the TV game. But we hope he doesn’t because that could interfere with our SoMo Sundays. So stay where you belong Mr. SoMo, we love you.

Hip-Hop | Brenton Duvall – Tryouts (ft. Childish Gambino) | Hip-Hop

Posted by on February 22, 2011

Watching this epic BartstoolU video is torturous considering I missed it only because I had to slave away on fixing FNT. Oh well there’s always a next time I guess… Here’s Brenton’s latest project which features Childish Gambino, an actor/writer/comedian/rapper who some of you might know from the NBC series “Community”. He actually has some legit bars on this. This has a slightly different vibe than some of the more recent Duvall beats, but that doesn’t mean I cant dig itttt.

DOWNLOAD: Javelin – TRYOUTS (Brenton Duvall Remix with Childish Gambino) — Dope


Videos | Fresh New Tracks on NBC 5 in Dallas!

Posted by on June 16, 2010

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You know you’re a blogstar when you have numerous people tell you they spotted Fresh New Tracks on NBC News 5 in Dallas twittering about the iPhone yesterday. Fortunately, we got in touch with the station and they released the footage for us. Special thanks to Elvira at NBC Universal.

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