Dubstep | R Rated #67

Posted by on April 17, 2013


This weeks R Rated is filled with amazing free downloads, but to start it off we have a aggressive yet melodic mix for you guys. Konec has been an artist we have been keeping an eye on for quite some time now and seeing him on Darkstep’s channel came to us as quite a shock. Darkstep is known for his heavy hitting, less melodic uploads, but he saw something in this mix that made him post it. The whole mix is full of amazing tracks released and unreleased that Konec threw together in preparation for his EP release that is still TBA. This mix features the four tracks that are going to be on the Futures EP and they are all quality.

We haven’t had a free download from xKore in quite some time now, but we finally got one. Not any of his own material yet, but this remix will do until we hear about his next EP. Having already had one remix for Modestep released on their album, this one was just a complementary gift. The track keeps xKore’s highly known aggressive style intact and provides some great vocals to go along from Modestep.

This next track was kind of hard to categorize, for two reasons. One reason is that it sounds nothing like a trap track, yet thats what Cazzette decided to label it as. The second reason is because this isn’t Cazzette’s usual style, so using my best judgement I felt R rated was the best fit for it. The title might throw you off being that everyone is sick of the Harlem Shake already, but Cazzette don’t really use much of the original and created a pretty heavy drop as a replacement.

Looks like Terravita are a little too excited for 4/20. They couldn’t wait a few more days to release this banger, but I’m not really complaining about having this track early. This awesome reggae influenced dubstep remix is the perfect tune for everyone’s 4/20 celebrations no matter what you are doing.

We have already posted our favorite remix of Getter’s – Fallout by Masq, but Nato Feelz put out this amazing close second so we thought it deserved a post. Besides some of the vocal samples, Nato Feelz doesn’t use much more in this remix which made the track stand out even more.