Hip-Hop | Double Vision Music Marathon Pt. 2 – Screech Tunnel

Posted by on April 2, 2012

Double Vision at it again. This time they bring us their second installment of their Music Marathon. The guys bring it beginning to end, killing the whole EP. You’re gonna want to grab this like the other one. If you missed the first EP, you can grab that here. Hit them up on Facebook and Twitter.

Hip-Hop | Double Vision Music Marathon

Posted by on March 19, 2012


Each Monday, FNT and Double Vision, a Boston hip-pop duo, are teaming up to give you brand spanking new material. It will be in the form of 26 original songs divided into 4 mini EPs to symbolize the 26 miles, well 26.2 but who’s counting?, and 4 different legs of the Boston Marathon. The final EP will be released the day of the Boston Marathon. If you guys any more info refer to the video or hit up our comment box. Show some pre-EP love to the Double Vision guys on their Facebook and Twitter.