Preview, Progressive House | Michael Brun – ID (Preview)

Posted by on April 3, 2013

So here I am patently asleep at my desk and a new email comes into my gmail from Michael Brun with the title “New ID with”. I am awake. The above ID is a track he has been playing out with T Swifts vocal on top over the past few months to much appraise and has received many requests for release. The track shows his continued progress as one of the brightest stars in the big room house scene. He is giving very little info about the track right now and Mr. Brun was quite stubborn in keeping it that way, so enjoy the radio edit of this ID that may get named after T Swift or not. If you have not already, check out his upcoming track “Halfway”, featuring Zashanell that is going to be on his 3 track EP on Phazing Records. Also be on the lookout for his remix of “Your Heart” from Dirty South’s “Speed Of Life” album coming really soon.

DJ-Set, House | DIrty South Essential Mix 3/16/13

Posted by on March 16, 2013


Coming off of his debut album “Speed of Life“, Dirty South has taken over the reigns of the legendary essential mix to showcase his own new music as well some new tunes from his label and others. With Ultra dominating the dance music discussion, Dirty South had the untenable task of trying to create a set that would capture the hearts and minds of those in Miami or who wish they were. There are a few bootlegs in here, but overall this mix is not about strong mixing skills, but rather a great track selection and brand new tunes from start to finish.

Dirty South starts out with the title track of his album “Speed Of Life”, adding in the vocals from “City Of Dreams”and then moves through one of the several premiers from his own Phazing Records, Those Unusual Suspects’ “Blaze”. Later on we get the first glimpse of what is to come from Michael Brun’s upcoming EP on Phazing with his single with Zashanell “Halfway”. The Australian star puts on full display unreleased tracks from major labels like Size, Spinnin and Mau5trap with tracks such as “Liceu” from Sebjak & Marcus Shossow and “Here & Now” from Ummet Ozcan. He gives the radio premier of the Jacques Lu Cont remix of his still potent “City Of Dreams”, keeping the same melodic properties of the original, while adding his own twist and has the exclusive of Ivan Gough vs Steve Bleas & Stevie Mink’s “Boom”, forthcoming on Size Records and a new Pryda record “F.A.T.”, something that always gets the blood flowing. Pryda did very well last night with not only the premier of this record, but the even bigger “Power Drive” on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection, a track that is to be part of his next EP. While this essential may not stack up against the epic Eric Prydz essential mix back in February, but then again there may not be any that will, the Aussie has put in a very strong mix to continue his outstanding start to the year.


Progressive House | Rune RK, Andreas Moe – Power Of You And Me (Teacup) (Michael Brun Remix)

Posted by on February 26, 2013

Fast rising star, Michael Brun gives us his first production of the year ahead of his incoming EP, a remix of Rune RK’s new original with Swedish vocalist Andreas Moe, “Power Of You And Me”. Michael Brun takes full advantage of Andreas Moe’s soaring vocals and adds his own flavor with fluttering strings, a churning low end and matching synth chords. While this remix may not enjoy the same success that “Burn Forever” has, it is still getting support from some big names and is yet another very good production from the Haitian born producer.

Beatport: Rune RK, Andreas Moe – Power Of You And Me (Teacup) (Michael Brun Remix)


Events, Review | Dirty South @ Lavo NYC 1/17/12 (Review)

Posted by on February 2, 2013


Though this was last month, I still have some pretty vivid memories of this night. The standard crowd of good looking upper crust mid twenties New Yorkers, expensive alcohol flowing like the Niagara and Dirty South spinning his brand of big room house behind the decks. Walking up to the high end New York Club I saw the familiar scene of people trying to negotiate the strict line — the people attempting to get in on the left side with either a ticket or just the hope that their looks or money would woo the bouncers to let them by that red felt rope and the right side filled with VIPs and their hangers on willing to drop their’s or daddy’s credit card on a night they will probably won’t remember. I shuffle in a bit out of place next to those VIPs and eventually make it through the various layers of rope into the club. Click on to go inside with us.


Preview, Progressive House | Rune RK ft. Andreas Moe – Teacup (Michael Brun Remix) [Preview]

Posted by on January 10, 2013

Michael Brun finished out 2012 riding a massive tidal wave of success from his “Burn Forever” remix and “Rift” charting well and getting support far and wide across the Dj community. He enters 2013 looking to stay on top of that tidal crest of success and this latest remix of “Teacup” using vocals from Andreas Moe, who you may recognize from John de Sohn’s “Long Time”, looks to set him up nicely. Look for this to be released January 22nd on Spinnin Records.

Progressive House | Dirty South & Michael Brun – Rift

Posted by on November 26, 2012

Dirty South has really taken the young Haiten producer under his Phazing wing, not only editing his single “Rise“, but also putting him on remix duties for an upcoming Those Usual Suspects track and signing his collab with Special Features, “Synergy“. “Rift” is that next step for the Phazing brethren in what is becoming a long line of absolutely dominant big room tracks from Dirty South and a progressively more impressive discography from Michael Brun. This track is going to be demolishing the Southern Hemisphere festival season and those of you going to Stereosonic in the coming weeks, expect to hear this early and often.

Beatport: Dirty South & Michael Brun – Rift

Preview, Progressive House | Those Usual Suspects & Nordean ft. Erik Hecht – Burn Forever (Michael Brun Remix) [Preview]

Posted by on September 21, 2012

Michael Brun is getting himself ready to make a big splash at the end of this year with some big releases on Phazing Records. Not only has he teamed up with Label boss and chief from down under, Dirty South on their upcoming single “Rift“, but he now has a remix coming out soon of Those Usual Suspects & Nordean with Erik Hecht on vocals (remember them from “Walking Alone”?). It is great to see the Haitian producers’s becoming more mature and evolve as he becomes a bigger player, one with lasting potential in the dance music scene.