Electro-House, Progressive House | Lift Off #003

Posted by on August 17, 2012

It has been a little while since the last Lift Off, but me and w8 are back with a vengeance this week with a post jam packed with great tracks from some of the most underrated producers out there and some incredible free tracks that labels should be salivating to get their hands on.

Marco V has released his latest track “10PM”, which by the sound of it, would be good at 10pm or at 3am with its big room build and the club oriented breakdown.

Beatport: Marco V – 10PM

Ken Loi delivers on this remix taking the original that was a little bland and adding a grinding electro bit to the drop with an moving piano motif in the build.

Tom Swoon is back with the preview to his remix of Linkin Park – Burn It Down, which you can get right now if you pre-order “Living Things Remixed”. It provides a progressive, melodic side to this dark track that works very well.

This next track is very interesting as it was first previewed I believe intentionally by management as an Avicii fake (pr releases brag about the clicks on the video of the fake), however there is no denying how good this song is.

Beatport: Mr. Black & Blue – Get It On

Synchronice give this great Subfocus track a makeover, keeping the melodic piano build with vocals and turning the break into some heavy electro house bringing the energy up to a whole new level. One of those tracks you will regret not getting.



Progressive House | Mario Larrea feat. Jennifer Levy – Belief (Original Mix & Chris Lake Edit)

Posted by on July 9, 2012

Chris Lake and the team at Rising Music bring the fire with this latest release from Mario Larrea. With a catchy, driving hook, powerful vocals, and a pounding four-on-the-floor break after the drop, “Belief” seems tailor-made to stir up a crowd. Chris Lake’s edit gives Jennifer Levy’s vocals a slightly more stripped-down backdrop but still keeps the energy level high. Real talk, there’s also something about this that reminds me vaguely of 90’s eurodance (particularly at the bridge) — perhaps it’s the quality of Jennifer Levy’s voice or the generically feel-good lyrics. I can’t put my finger on it. But regardless, I’m feeling it.

Beatport: Mario Larrea feat. Jennifer Levy – Belief (Original Mix & Chris Lake Edit)