Melodic Progressive, Progressive House | Marcus Santoro & Roan Shenoyy unite for ‘Best Of Me’

Posted by on April 20, 2019

Two young and talented DJ/producers in the form of Marcus Santoro and Roan Shenoyy have united to conjure ‘Best Of Me’, which is out now via Enhanced Recordings. The prog vocal anthem is equipped with a mesmerizing vocal from Nino Lucarelli, whilst Marcus and Roan provide beats which carry energy and emotion, the perfect balance. Expect to hear this tune a lot during the festival season!

Trance | Marcus Santoro showcases his ‘Interior Exterior’

Posted by on July 29, 2017

Young Melbourne-based music maestro Marcus Santoro has been stacking up spins from various Trance kingpins through 2017, including Above & Beyond, Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten. His latest offering from within the studio now comes via Aly & Fila’s ‘FSOE Excelsior’ imprint, and it’s entitled ‘Interior Exterior’. The tracks oozes a Jeckyll & Hyde vibe, the drops pack a punch via a dark, heavy bassline, whilst the melody oozes energy and an uplifting vibe via the use of some classic Trance synths. Overall, another quality record for the ever-expanding Excelsior catalog.

Melodic Progressive, Trance | Marcus Santoro creates a ‘Flashpoint’

Posted by on June 16, 2017

Young Australian-based DJ/producer is a musical prodigy who has already gained respect from headliners including Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Paul Van Dyk and many more. His latest conjuring from within his studio is ‘Flashpoint’, and it’s set to be released on Friday June 16th via Enhanced Progressive. The track oozes a real Jeckyll and Hyde vibe throughout, by combining an array of uplifting chords with the melody, before a drop built upon a big bassline takes control!




Progressive House | Denzal Park feat. Jon Hume – One Way Home (Marcus Santoro Remix)

Posted by on July 19, 2014

Denzal Park feat. Jon Hume - One Way Home (Marcus Santoro Remix)

In appreciation of the support he has gotten on his recent single, “You & I”, Marcus Santoro, my fourth best friend even though we’ve never actually met, has remixed Denzal Park’s “One Way Home” and is giving it away for free. You can expect either a harder, gritty track or a melodic one when it comes to Marcus’ releases and for this one he went the melodic route. Like always, the track is well crafted and has extremely high production quality.

Free Download: Denzal Park feat. Jon Hume – One Way Home (Marcus Santoro Remix)

Deep House, Progressive House | MITS & Marcus Santoro feat. Courtney Brianna – You & I + Jordan Burns Remix

Posted by on July 1, 2014

MITS & Marcus Santoro feat. Courtney Brianna - You & I

Marcus Santoro, known to his friends as Marcus has returned to his home label of Neon for a collaborative original with fellow Australian MITS and vocalist Courtney Brianna. “You & I” is a melodic summertime track, according to Mr. Santoro, and so is perfect for the current Australian winter. Also included below is a superb deep house remix of the track done by Jordan Burns.

Beatport: MITS & Marcus Santoro feat. Courtney Brianna – You & I

Beatport: MITS & Marcus Santoro feat. Courtney Brianna – You & I (Jordan Burns Remix)

Progressive House | Marcus Santoro & Jason Forté – Torque

Posted by on April 10, 2014

Marcus Santoro & Jason Forté - Torque

Marcus Santoro has shown that he can do both uplifting progressive house, as most recently demonstrated in his collaborative remix of “Young Hearts”, as well as the more groove filled, harder style. He has gone with the latter style in his latest single which was done together with fellow Australian Jason Forté. The song starts with a light melody before changing over in the build for a gritty drop. It’s out now on the recently formed Australian label Basik.

Beatport: Marcus Santoro & Jason Forté – Torque

Progressive House | Strange Talk – Young Hearts (Marcus Santoro & JAKKO Bootleg)

Posted by on February 10, 2014


Marcus Santoro and Jakko, previously known as Jako, who prior to that was just called Jake-oh, and prior to that just went by his ethnically pure Brazilian name of Lucas Bojakowski, have teamed up to remix Strange Talk’s “Young Hearts”. We have been supporting both of these guys for a while now and their styles fit together perfectly, like a delicate cupcake and a sweet, succulent flower. That flower has slowly at first and then with increasing speed entered that cupcake and what we have now is the merging of each of their sounds. Marcus’ euphoric, uplifting style gels perfectly with Jakko’s euphoric and uplifting style, which in turn creates an uplifting and euphoric track. Must listen, must download!!!

Free Download: Strange Talk – Young Hearts (Marcus Santoro & JAKKO Bootleg)