Albums | Mysterious producer Modapit unveils “Falling In Love,” the second single off the artist’s forthcoming debut LP

Posted by on March 13, 2023

Newly-minted producer Modapit is a project of contradictions. The enigmatic artist has emerged from the shadows of underground dance music, boasting a gothic, edgy streetwear look that contrasts their euphoric, swirling pop-electronic sounds. They project individualized emotion and meaning in their art, while remaining shrouded in anonymity underneath their signature fishnet veil. And they stay silent behind the highly expressive sounds of their music, which leads to fervent discourse and chatter from within their ever-growing Internet community.

The art speaks for itself, and by removing the ‘ego’ of the artist, fans fully immerse themselves into Modapit’s disparate, fashion-forward multiverse. 

Modapit is revving up towards their debut album, a full-length project that promises to further spotlight the producer’s uplifting, goth-techno aura. The music is complemented by a stark-visual aesthetic developed by filmmakers David Borges and Carlos Perez. All together, they’ve crafted a funeral-rave vibe – a defining artistic ethos representing Modapit’s out-of-the-box approach and propensity for creating unlikely pairs.
Listeners got their first taste of the forthcoming LP with lead single “Dancing,” a jubilant yet brooding track that translates the emotion of The Weeknd’s latest album, Dawn FM, into a dance-fueled rave experience. “Dancing” released alongside a stunning music video directed by Borges with cinematography from Perez. The second part of a four-part short film, the “Dancing” music video follows a woman navigating her way through a troubling past trauma, finding reprieve and catharsis after an encounter with a group of dancers. The video concludes with Modapit standing mysteriously behind our main character, leaving questions about their unfolding relationship. 

Last week, Modapit unveiled “Falling In Love,” a continuation of the producer’s ongoing thematic and narrative journey. Releasing alongside the story’s third video, this new chapter sees the same unnamed character (played by Gabriela Garcia) with a changed demeanor; while once fragile and burdened by her past, she is now confident and fierce. 

The video begins with our main character riding her motorcycle down a desert highway, the camera eloquently capturing the wide scenic vistas around her. She then comes across a group of mystics dancing to choreography designed by Tiffany De Alba, with the ritualistic movements once again summoning the Modapit entity. After providing a piece of the Modapit garment to the mystics, she then gets absorbed into the mysterious object above, traveling towards the final step in her emotional and psychological transformation.  
The music of “Falling In Love” complements the video by evoking similarly overwhelming yet triumphant feelings – a consistent emotional tightrope of the Modapit project. Contrasting dark, heavy techno chords and droning basslines with uplifting melodies and lyrics, “Falling In Love” presents a sonic arc that reflects the difficult yet rewarding process of unleashing vulnerability – a maturation that allows you to love yourself and those around you. 

Falling In Love” kicks off with an ascending, ethereal atmosphere that underlies the song’s angelic central vocals. The song then builds before dropping into the thumping, pop-electronic bombast characteristic of Modapit’s sound. Filling out the rest of its composition with lush, nostalgic piano chords that transition into a second drop filled with blazing, extra-terrestrial synth lines, “Falling In Love” is simultaneously emotional, immersive, and pulsating with motion. 

Buried under a hood of secrecy, Modapit is a metaphor as much as it is a musical project: their blank face reflects back at you the person you want to be, while providing the steps to get there through the power of dance.

Albums | cln releases new LP, ‘Over, All Again’

Posted by on December 16, 2022

Over the last few months Australian artist cln has released a grip of well crafted music — all of which to build hype and anticipation for second album ‘Over, All Again’. The 12-track release is filled with groovy tunes, all of which can be streamed now above. Enjoy!

“This album represents a real sonic shift for me. I don’t think it sounds anything like my previous work, and it is a big mix of sounds and genres. The album is also representative of the changes in my life over the last few years since Dawn Chorus was released.

One of the biggest changes between albums is my shift towards work in acoustic research. I spend a lot of my time trying to solve environmental and ecological problems using sounds and artificial intelligence. I mostly work on birds, and spend a lot of time in remote places deploying recorders. I hear some incredible soundscapes when I am out there, and they heavily inspire my work.

Throughout the album, you will hear scattered recordings of interesting sounds that I come across in my travel. I have some really cool stuff in there: Powerful Owl, Noisy Pitta, Marbled Frogmouth, Albert’s Lyrebird, and a bunch of other rare and interesting species. I have kept them quite subtle, so as not to overpower the songs, but I love that they are nestled in there. I think natural noises are about as beautiful as it gets, and they are my biggest inspirations for making music.

I have tried to make this album cohesive and unique. I have not tried to stick to any templates or genres. I have essentially just made music that I think sounds cool. If it resonates with others too, then that is a huge bonus and I find it a huge privilege that there are people taking time to listen to my work. I hope you enjoy it. Listen to it from start to finish if you can, preferably on a car ride to a beautiful unspoiled place. When you get there though, I encourage you to take out the headphones and enjoy the natural sounds instead.” ~ cln

Albums | Rising Pop act Chayla Hope releases new LP, ‘Damn, Feelings’

Posted by on November 1, 2022

Chayla Hope is an up-and-coming Pop songstress who is on the come up. Her sophisticated take on the sounds of the ‘80s and ‘90s recalls the influence of Kate Bush, Lady Gaga, Annie Lennox and Robyn, marrying inventive arrangements with an impressive range and infectious spirit. Her new album ‘Damn, Feelings’ is a 11-track-project that is a great introduction to the Cleveland based rising singer’s music. Check it out above now!


Albums | The Kount and Kaelin Ellis drop “END OF AN ERA” Ahead of New Album

Posted by on September 28, 2022

“END OF AN ERA” is the second song off of the long awaited collaborative LP between Florida based beatsmith Kaelin Ellis and Toronto based producer The Kount. The forthcoming 13-track-project VIGNETTE is coming soon and my guess is it will be making real waves in the beat scene. One of the cooler things about “END OF AN ERA” is that it started off as a beat video on the guys twitter accounts, and it’s safe to assume some of the other tracks on this project will also be some of the duo’s older collaborations. Tap in above now!

Albums | Shoffy Releases new Album, …Onward & Announces Tour

Posted by on September 22, 2022

Shoffy’s new album …Onward came out a few weeks ago and I am a massive fan of the full thing front to back. The electronic infused pop record is filled with catchy music that is on the cusp of commercial but in the best way. Working on the LP over the past year, Shoffy has been focused on uber focused on creation as of late and is now gearing up for a national tour that starts at this month. A few of my personal favorite songs off of this one are easily “Fade” “Nightmares In NYC” and “Sad Man” but there a ton of great music on it. If you are on the look out for a new album to run through, tune in to …Onward by Shoffy above now.

Albums | Saxophone-playing bass maestro SoDown announces nationwide tour and debut album, unveiling first LP single “All Go Wrong (feat. Bailey Flores)”

Posted by on September 9, 2022

Denver-based bass purveyor SoDown has always thrived on an axis of dualities. As a saxophone-playing electronic musician, SoDown naturally balances organic instrumentation with digital production, lush melody with detailed sound design, and dynamic composition with grandiose beats and booming bass. It is through this original, genre-blending practice that SoDown has cultivated a fervent community and toured the nation to sold-out crowds. 

Following his recent Get Up EP and remix of Black Tiger Sex Machine, Hairitage, and Hyro The Hero’s dubstep single “Cheatcode,” SoDown has announced his debut album, Worlds Beyond, a gripping package that will release on Friday, November 4.

SoDown gave fans their first taste of Worlds Beyond today via the LP’s lead single “All Go Wrong,” an epic, impassioned collaboration featuring vocalist Bailey Flores. “All Go Wrong” Is SoDown’s second song with Flores, following their soulful banger “Cliffs,” featuring fellow Denver-based producer Manic Focus

With a vibrant mix of instrumental elements and emotive vocals and lyrics, “All Go Wrong” reflects the melancholy of facing a meaningless existence and subsequently finding solace in the chaos of life.

The track kicks off with propulsive drum patterns before transitioning into a somber piano chord progression that underlie Flores’ wistful vocals about regret and resilience. The song then builds with the repeated title phrase into a grand drop that contains bombastic, illuminating synth chords and a massive half-time beat – an all-encompassing soundscape that evokes the track’s poignant central message.

All Go Wrong” then adds acoustic guitar for its second verse before incorporating SoDown’s iconic saxophone playing in the final chorus and outro, thus retaining the producer’s characteristic genre and instrumental infusions while still exploring new tonal depths.

Following a sold-out Red Rocks show last spring supporting Boogie T, two sold-out nights at the iconic Colorado riverfront venue The Mishawaka, and his debut performance at the Shambhala Music Festival in British Columbia, SoDown has announced his 25+ date nationwide Worlds Beyond Tour. Tickets on sale now.
The tour will kick off next month with SoDown’s Lost Lands Festival debut, and will feature performances at festivals like Freaky Deaky and Ember Shores before concluding with a special hometown headlining show at Denver’s Mission Ballroom show on Friday, February 3, 2023. The Mission Ballroom event will feature supporting sets by kLL Bill, Jaenga, Evalution and Josh Teed. Tickets on sale now.

Bass, Dubstep | Black Tiger Sex Machine’s LP New Worlds Extends Beyond Music

Posted by on March 8, 2018

When people release albums, they tend to be a simple collection of records that they’ve been working on over the course of a set period of time. With Black Tiger Sex Machine, that’s sort of the case, but the Kannibalen Records trio do more than just create a solid album with New Worlds. With this project the group built a section of their own universe, full of tales and adventures that live through the each single. The New Worlds concept album shows just what can be done with bass music – it almost feels like a sci-fi score rather than an “EDM” album. Leave it to BTSM to do something this incredible. Check out the album and make sure to check them out on their Ceremony tour that just started if they make a stop near you!