Playlists | Warm Air Vol. 2

Posted by on September 20, 2013


Original photo courtesy of Hayley Trone

 Well folks, it’s been real. Tomorrow, Sept 22, marks the official end of summer 2013. In honor of the change in season, I present to you the second installment of my very own Warm Air mixtapes. A mix designed to ease the transition of swimsuits to sweaters and piña coladas to pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha lattes. A mix to warm you up in the cool autumn breeze, to relive the sweet memories of the past few months, and keep your spirits up and motivated as you face challenges in school, work, and everyday life. So close your eyes, and let this mix take you back to that moment on the beach where you dug a hole in the sand with your toes as you watched the sun set, or when you indulged in the most amazing 4th of July BBQ of your life, or drove around recklessly with the top down and the radio up, or the night you watched an epic fireworks spectacle with your boo thang wrapped up tight in your arms.

Remember, just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the fun is. Oh no, 2013 can and will go out with a bang. With 3 months left to go, it’s time the real fun begins.

I’d also like to dedicated this mix to one of my most beautiful friends as she turns 21 today. Hope you enjoy this mixtape as you take your first legal swigs of alcohol today, take an extra big one for me <3


Listen to this mix via 8tracks here.

Electro, Trap | Wave Racer FBi Minimix

Posted by on July 11, 2013

Where do I even start with this mix… like hold the phone, WOAH. Ima take a quick second to explain to you what happened the first time I heard about this Australian DJ. See that picture above? That was it. The moment the sound waves in “Rock U Tonite” hit me, I was transported into distant land of dolphins, topless Jeeps, girls in 80’s vintage swimsuits and rainbows. Lots of rainbows. It’s possible I even shed a tear. That picture above isn’t some artist’s rendition of my experience, but rather Wave Racer’s Soundcloud user photo. He took me there. And it was awesome.

Anyways, Wave Racer crafted this mix for the Sydney-based radio station FBi 94.5, who described it as…

… [A] melodic treacle drizzling over sweet vocoder that melts like honeycomb in the mouth. All resting on a bed of dense synthcake and thick yet brittle percussion. It’s music too delectable to refuse.

I know that’s a lot to handle (who knows what those upside down Aussies are on these days) so lemme break it down for you. You’ll happen to notice the tracklist doesn’t include any of Wave Racer’s own songs. This mix, rather, is more of a compilation of some of his biggest inspirations (see: Cashmere Cat and Rustie) as well as artists with a similar style who are, essentially, artists you should get to know.

Overall, this mix, and all the artists featured on it, rock. It’s vivacious, it’s psychedelic, it’s carefree, and even at times, it gets a little sensual. Just another example of the thunder DJs are packing down under. Take note.


Download: Wave Racer FBi Minimix


Download: Rock U Tonite