Review | A Night Out With…Sex Ray Vision & Basic Physics

Posted by on April 1, 2012

“You’re joining us for dinner at Mr. Masero, right?” Lauren Saks-Merriman, CEO and co-founder of Black Book Music Group, asks as I prepare for Basic Physics and Sex Ray Vision’s set at Rio Room in Dallas. “Of course” I respond. “What time would you like to meet?”

“What would you like to drink?” asks the bartender as I wait in anticipation for their arrival. I look at my watch, I’m ten minutes early. What was I thinking, I murmur to myself. Artists are always late. “Make that another”, I request of the bartender. He obliges kindly.

Suddenly, Ravi Parikh of Sex Ray Vision and Alex Syse of Basic Physics walk in accompanied by a Lauren Saks-Merriman, who happens to be pregnant. She’s a mere four weeks away from her due date and she’s texting the promoter furiously while wearing a tan blazer. “They’re trying to cut our set short” she explains. Basic Physics, sitting to my left chimes in with an easy confidence “We’ll just have to prove ourselves. I’m not concerned.”