Albums, Review | Kill The Noise – Black Magic EP

Posted by on November 8, 2012

Nearly a year after the release of his show-stopping debut EP, Kill The Noise proves that he remains firmly positioned at the vanguard of a rapidly changing electronic music scene. Black Magic, his sophomore effort, showcases both his evolution as a producer and his uncanny ability to find musicality in unexpected places. While there’s less of the slowed-down, guttural bass that was omnipresent on Kill Kill Kill — and which has arguably become his calling card as a producer — there’s plenty of goodness here to fill the void. There are positively haunting vocal harmonies that slide seamlessly into an eerie bass interlude (“Black Magic [Kill The Noise pt. 2]”). There’s hard-hitting dub (always an OWSLA favorite) in the form of “Jump Ya Body;” thanks to agile, relentless synthwork, it feels fresh even amidst “Make It Bun Dem” and “Jah No Partial” oversaturation. “Rockers” borrows a bit too heavily from the Knife Party playbook, but it’s a fun and high-energy listen — and the pitch-perfect trap breakdown at the second drop rights all wrongs. “Mosh It Up” and its fierce laser synths were made for the dance floor, while the funky, moombah-tinged “Thumbs Up” (a collaboration with Feed Me) is about to make my commute home a lot more interesting. “Saturn” is a startling and lovely surprise that is perhaps the most unexpected track on the EP; the ethereal vocals culminate in an ecstatic harmony before KTN navigates us into some pounding electro house and a bridge that features an intricately woven hook. The final track? A totally mind-blowing piano cover of “Kill The Noise pt. 1” by internet wunderkind Evan Duffy (seriously, if you haven’t checked out this kid’s covers of your favorite EDM tracks yet, do yourself a favor and spend an hour on his YouTube channel). It’s a brilliant marriage of the traditional with the unconventional, and — like the rest of Black Magic — strikes just the right chord.


Dubstep, Electro-House, Moombahton | Kill The Noise — Roots Remixed EP

Posted by on July 24, 2012

If you want to talk about a producer who puts out some of the most top quality tracks in the Dubstep scene right now, then Kill The Noise is a producer that should be near the top of that list. Having spent countless months on his first OWSLA EP “Kill Kill Kill”, which is where we first witnessed that amazing growl sound he mastered so well. Now we have this “Roots Remixed EP” released under Slow Roast Records under which the original “Roots EP” was released.

Not only is Kill The Noise’s remix amazing, but so are the other 5 remixes. Starting with the KTN remix, we see that sensational,heavy, bass bumping style that has become a house hold favorite. I will say this, the intro does get a little bit annoying after about 10 seconds of it, but the drop makes it well worth it. Next up is Brillz outstanding Trap/Dubstep fusion remix. Many of you might not know Brillz, but he was part of Ultraviolet which was featured on “Kill Kill Kill”; you guys might remember them from the hit track Dying ft Emily Hudson. Either way Brillz had my second favorite remix on this EP. The horns and high synths mixed with the Trap percussions all work so well together. Kastle Slow Motion also had a Trap remix, but they had a little more funk feel to their remix. It sounded like something you would hear Outkast rapping over and I wasn’t feeling it too much because it just felt out of place on the EP. Torro Torro has had their remix of My World  complete for almost a year now so you can imagine how relieved they were to hear it was going to be released. Definitely a great Moombahton remix to the track keeping the latin vibes throughout on this one. This track has more of the original Moombahton feel without all the new Dubstep synths we hear nowadays mixed into tracks. Will Bailey also had a dope Moombahton remix as well, but his remix relates more to what we hear currently in the Moombahton scene. This track really reminded me of something off of Alvin Risk’s latest “Infinity EP” with the high pitch laser synths, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. Last but not least we have Codes Nu Dance remix, which is a pretty dope funked out remix. This one is definitely a great dance tune and something pretty unique. Grab the EP on Beatport HERE.


Here is a nice sampler mix of all the tracks on the EP by Kill The Noise