House | Justin Jay & Friends Are “Climbing Trees” to Repopulate Mars

Posted by on June 20, 2016

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There’s no denying that Justin Jay is killing it. He’s already unveiled the first three parts of his debut album, and now, we’ve got a glimpse of the fourth courtesy of Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars label. “Climbing Trees” has been making the rounds on the Internet for a while now, ever since Justin debuted it in his live sets on his “Fantastic Voyage” tour – and for good reason. The record is undeniably huge, as it expertly toes the line between dark, brooding warehouse heater and lighthearted summer jam. Josh Taylor’s airy vocals offer a noticeable counterpart to Benny Bridges’ heavy guitar licks and Justin’s expertly crafted basslines.

House | Justin Jay & Friends Show Off New Dimensions On “Let Go” Ft. Josh Taylor

Posted by on May 18, 2016

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The LA-based producer Justin Jay has been killing it lately with his Part 1 and Part 2 of his Fantastic Voyage (The Album!) out on Black Butter Records and Freerange Records respectively. Now, Justin’s taking it back to the States by teaming up with Josh Taylor, once again, on “Let Go,” a groovy, funk-filled track that we can’t stop bumping. Taylor’s smooth, laidback croons offer the perfect balance to the blues-inspired guitar melodies and infectiously catchy hi-hats. Peep it above and keep an eye out for the rest of the EP on Soul Clap Records.

House | Justin Jay Rocks Out With His Friends on “What Do You Want”

Posted by on April 12, 2016

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Woah. Now this isn’t something that I expected from Justin Jay, even though he promised us his debut Fantastic Voyage album was going to feature all sorts of genres across the spectrum when he officially announced the release, but there’s no doubt that I’m a huge fan. “What Do You Want” is the least dance-y record that Mr. Jay has put out, and by dance-y, we’re talking about the underground genres that Justin has dominated for so long. “What Do You Want” showcases a traditional indie rock backbone with Josh Taylor’s gravely vocals perfectly balanced by a smooth melody. Take a peep at it above.


House | Justin Jay Announces Fantastic Voyage Album By Releasing “Weatherman”

Posted by on March 23, 2016

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It’s not very often that we see an album from a house and techno artist, but Justin Jay is not a typical artist. The youngest dirtybird has spent the last year pushing the boundaries of his music creatively, teaming up with his college friends to incorporate live instruments and elements of blues, jazz, soul, funk, and rock into his typical house production to create a new side project, Justin Jay & Friends. He debuted Justin Jay & Friends with the release of “Karma,” which was a resounding success, and helped pave the way for Justin’s Fantastic Voyage tour.

Now, Justin Jay is putting it all together for an album – Fantastic Voyage Part 1 – and he’s just released the first track off of his magnum opus, “Weatherman.” Featuring Benny Bridges on guitar and Josh Taylor on vocals, “Weatherman” demonstrates Justin’s matured take on production and evolved stance on house music, as Benny Bridges and Josh Taylor take the lead on the track with a heavy guitar lead and smooth vocals that are more fitting for a blues track than a house record, while Justin deftly gives “Weatherman” his signature groove. As Justin explains, the Fantastic Voyage album is a release about exploration and getting out of his comfort zone. The album will be released in a unique manner, as the 12 tracks will be split across separate EPs and released on separate labels to showcase the unique, varied sound of each individual track that are all tied together by one thing – Justin Jay.

House | Justin Jay Brings the Funk On His Remix of “Work Me”

Posted by on March 8, 2016

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The Los Angeles-based producer, Justin Jay, is back with his first release of the year, and he’s remixed his fellow dirtybird and labelmate, Billy Kenny, and his track, “Work Me.” While Justin Jay’s remix is unlike his typical booty-bouncing house stylings, it’s nothing short of phenomenal, as he infuses the track with complex layers of jazz-y undertones and funky vibes, underlined by a chic house beat and electric guitar plucks. Justin Jay is in the middle of his Fantastic Voyage tour right now, alongside his friends and collaborators, Josh Taylor, Benny Bridges, and Henry Was, so don’t miss out when he comes to your city. You can find more information on the Fantastic Voyage tour here.

Free Download: Billy Kenny – Work Me (Justin Jay Remix)