Progressive House | Michael Calfan vs John Dahlback feat. Andy P – Let Your Mind Go

Posted by on February 11, 2013

Michael Calfan burst onto the scene with his debut single on Axtone “Resurrection” that still continues to see the occasional play and John Dahlback has become known for his prolific ability to produce unique tracks. The duo tab Andy P to add infectious vocals to this soaring melody with quick alternating percussion and a grungy build that has John Dalhback’s name all over it. Michael Calfan rarely puts out singles and when he does, they are quality, and when Dahlback puts his name on a track, you are going to hear something new and “Let Your Mind Go” gives you the mix of both of their talents.

Beatport: Michael Calfan vs John Dahlback feat. Andy P – Let Your Mind Go

Progressive House | John Dahlback – Rebels

Posted by on May 5, 2012

The above John Dahlback was released a little while ago and grows on me every time I play it. It has an old school 90s house feel to it with a modern twist, definitely a song perfect for long, sunny summer days. Get it on Beatport HERE.
John Dahlback gives us “Rebels” for free via his Facebook page and it is a quality production. With a steady bass line, stabbing grungy synths, progressive melodies with well timed stutters. Do no miss this freebee from the criminally under-rated Swede John Dahlback.

Download: John Dahlback – Rebels

Also included are the new remixes of John Dalhback’s track with Andy P “You’re In My Heart”. They provide a more progressive, uplifting feel to the remixes with added synths and more of a melodic feel. The second remix brings a little more energy and power to the plate.

Progressive House | Dannic, John Dahlback, Alex Kenji

Posted by on February 7, 2012

Dannic, formerly known as the Dj Funkadelic, is back on Hardwell led Revealed Records to provide us with this funky, grungy house tune. It is lready supported by some of the best in the business, so do not overlook this gem from Dannic on Revealed Records. Get it on BEATPORT.
DOWNLOAD: Dannic – Doster (Original Mix)

John Dalhback put together the Toolroom Records Compilation that combines all sorts of tech, deep, progressive and electro house releases from the illustrious Toolroom Records, new and old, into one 40 song compilation. John Dalhback released himself 3 several songs in the compilation as he was the mixer and 3 of them are new. One was a more techy release and the other two are more progressive sounding. “Escape” is the superior cut of the two with its sweeping synth cords and incredibly smooth melodies, though the other two are quite good as well. The other two can be found with the rest of the compilation, a worthwhile purchase or at least worth looking at on BEATPORT.
DOWNLOAD: John Dalhback Escape (Original Club Mix)

Coming off of his widely supported single with Manuel De La Mar “Acid As 303”, Alex Kenji, takes a different route this time from Acid House to a more contemporary, mellow progressive house track. This track relies heavily on string instruments with a heavy dose of claps and thumping bass in the drop with an oscillating synth texture underneath. Get this on BEATPORT.
DOWNLOAD: Alex Kenji – Chasing Clouds (Original Mix)


Electro-House, Progressive House | Talent Revealed Vol. 1, John Dahlback – Grunge

Posted by on November 15, 2011

Hardwell recently released a compilation of 3 songs from upcoming producers on his label. I chose the best two to show you guys from Dyro and Kura. Dryo, a dutch producer and DJ gives us “Daftastic”, which stays true to its name and has a strong sound of Daft Punk, but also puts his own spin on it and adds a new original sound. Kuru, a Portuguese DJ, has had the most success of the the bunch, with his song rising into the top 50 of progressive house Beatport charts with its trance infused build and bass driven, chunky synth drop. Get the compilation on Beatport HERE.
DOWNLOAD: Kura – Ammonia (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Dyro – Daftastic (Original Mix)

John Dalhback continues his ascent in the EDM ranks and his amazing year thus far with his release of “Grunge”. With its grungy bassline, guitar like synth and heavy synths that enter at the break, this song shows John Dahlback’s fantastic production ability. Get this on Beatport HERE.
DOWNLOAD: John Dahlback – Grunge (Original Mix)

House, Videos | Tomorrowland Aftermovie, John Dahlback, Hard Rock Sofa,

Posted by on September 1, 2011

American festivals are on their way, but Tomorrowland just looks insane. Watch the whole video, it is worth every second of your time. This is the John Dalhback remix of Invisible, which I think is the second best remix in the package. It is similar to the Dirty South remix in that it has the same uplifting house style, but it has different synth progressions and chords.
DOWNLOAD: Skylar Grey – Invisible (John Dahlbäck Remix)

This Hard Rock Sofa remix is fire. It has some great female vocals, a great piano lead and a stirring synth cord progression that culminates in an amazing drop that only gets better.
DOWNLOAD: Jus Jack feat. Black Dogs – One Day At A Time (Hard Rock Sofa Club Mix)

House, Preview | John Dahlback, Deniz Koyu & John Wendel, Chuckie

Posted by on August 24, 2011

There is a preview of a new Alesso remix that is absolutely nasty. Everything he touches turns to gold and expect great things from him in the future. John Dalhback is a beast, and is very much underrated, consistently putting out great tracks. John Dalhback is back with this vocal bomb with some great synth work.
DOWNLOAD: John Dahlback feat. Andy P – You’re In My Heart (Original Mix)

This Deniz Koyu and John Wendel have a masterpiece with this one. With a great piano lead that builds for a while with some James Blunt vocals into a ridiculous drop that just hits you like a ton of bricks.
DOWNLOAD: James Blunt – Dangerous (Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel Remix)

This Chuckie remix is not his trademark dirty dutch sound with instead some great piano, synth and heavy electro. The drop has some elements of dutch, but is more electro-house. The quality female vocals from Wynter Gordon top it all off.
DOWNLOAD: Wynter Gordon – Buy My Love (Chuckie Remix)