Hip-Hop | Seer – Out Of this wOrld ft. Father Dude (prod. by !llmind)

Posted by on February 6, 2012

Seer just released the second leak off his upcoming project wOO, the overdose tape entitled “Out Of the wOrld”. The track, produced by !llmind, features a colorful instrumental that will literally make you feel like you are out of this world. The track features Seer’s fellow vocalist in Smokey Robotic, Father Dude, adding a nice touch to the track. Read what Seer had to say about the song below.

“‘Out Of this wOrld’ is a tropic explosion. !llmind crafted the beat in 15 minutes and the song just flowed out of me. i imagine the ghost of a rasta dancing playfully through nyc as if being chased by a swarm of bumblebees. it is a celebration of feeling in and out of your body, in the world but out of it simultaneously. it features my brother father dude from our group smokey robotic on background vocals, whose voice slices like a honey knife through the skeleton rattling rhythms of !llmind’s un-quantized style.” – Seer

Download: Seer – Out Of this wOrld ft. Father Dude (prod. by !llmind)

Hip-Hop | Seer – hOney knives (prod. by !llmind)

Posted by on January 26, 2012

Seer (of Smokey Robotic) is due to release a new solo project, the first since Smokey Robotic came together. The album entitled wOO, the overdose tape will be composed of a collection of songs that he has written over the past four years and contains production from !llmind, Konrad OldMoney, and Uncle Fig as well as features from Father Dude and Mr. A. The track below “hOney knives” is the first single off the project and provides a good intro as to what to expect from the project. “hOney knives” is an emotional one, so it is best that the artist himself describe for you, which you can read below.

“‘hOney knives’ is a love song from my soul to my brain. my whole life i have felt blessed and cursed by dreams and have spent the duration of my conscious existence allowing my imagination to dominate my reality. ‘hOney knives’ is my soul begging my brain to release it from it’s delicious grasp and to use it’s razor sharp abilities to conjure up a metaphorical knife that will slice my soul free once and for all. the song was produced by my brother !llmind and is the most personal record on the album.” – Seer

Download: Seer – hOney knives (prod. by !llmind)

If you like what you hear, you can check out Seer’s previous solo album Why Wouldn’t I? after the jump. The album is produced entirely by !llmind and has many nice cuts on it.