Hip-Hop | Accent — Careless (feat. Hunter Stout & Lyric Lincoln) [Prod. DJ Grumble]

Posted by on August 24, 2013

Accent is back and as lyrically sharp as he’s ever been, teaming up here with vocalists Hunter Stout and Lyric Lincoln (who we previously heard on Dylan Owen’s “The Window Seat”) for this upbeat breakup jam. Armed with an uptempo, sample-laden beat from DJ Grumble and a catchy hook, Accent takes the track the extra mile rhyming three 8-bar verses with more rhyme-schemes at work then most artists can muster in twice the space. His new mixtape, With A Little Help From My Friends II (see Kinetics’ part one here), is due out this fall, and is guaranteed to continue to merge his advanced lyricism with some more aesthetically-pleasing soundscapes.


Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | The Suns of Society — Do What You Love + Mixtape Release

Posted by on January 1, 2013

Though I’ve had this crew on my radar for awhile, I’m just now getting around to dropping this terrific mixtape released by VA duo The Suns of Society, made up of B.Love and Hunter Stout, who collectively handle the production, vocals, and songwriting. This East Coast-bred hip-hop/acoustic/soul group has a universal appeal, as they fluidly combine elements of many different genres in their unique sound. Check out the first single, “Do What You Love” below, and get yourself a copy of their impressive debut LongboardmusicHD below.


DOWNLOAD: The Suns of Society — LongboardmusicHD