Contests, Exclusive, Featured, Mix | FNT Presents: Stereoshocks’ Electric Nightlife Episode 50 Ft. Cedric Gervais & V-Moda Headphones Giveaway

Posted by on July 2, 2013

Electric Nightlife Upcoming Artists Final50 and its multiples are always a significant milestone. Whether you are a middle-aged person wondering where the time has gone and looking to get blasted in an attempt to connect with your youth, or showing the longevity of a event or institution, 50 is always something to celebrate. So on this day and the next few, have some cold ones as Steroshock’s Electric Nightlife has reached 50 episodes with Cedric Gervais giving the lowdown on his new track “Things Can Only Get Better” and the real story behind his track “Molly”. In addition to hosting the show, we have a giveaway for a pair of V-Moda earbuds. So you can upgrade from your Skullcandy, Apple or whatever garbage you are listening on now and get something quality. Coming up in the next two weeks, he has Adrian Lux and Roger Sanchez on the show, so be sure to tune in for those. Tracklist after the jump.

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Progressive House | Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better

Posted by on June 3, 2013

Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better Cedric Gervais, the man responsible for the single “Molly“, which spawned the infernal breed of related clothing, and his chart topping remix of Lana Del Rey‘s “Summertime Sadness“, has taken Howard Jones‘ 1985 hit singe “Things Can Only Get Better” and brought it up to speed to this era of dance music with a 2013 big room update. In all serious the molly clothing is the worst. You look like someone who thinks they are going to see Levels or dubstep perform on the mainstage and you are just asking for a cavity search from security. Not sure Cedric Gervais knew that is what he was going to create, but he did I put some of the blame on him for it.

Cedric Gervais flips the instrumental of the original, keeping the soulful vocals from Howard Jones and adds his own big room sound. Playing off of the addictive vocals, Gervais adds a melody that will not wow with complexity, but is just what the doctor ordered for this track, while adding well-timed electro growls and a pulsing bass line. To spice things up, I tossed in a very solid remix of the track from rising dance music producer, Landis, whose track with Henry Fong “Get Down” has been in heavy rotation for many big DJs

Beatport: Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better