Hip-Hop, Trap | The ‘HipHopGamer’ Shares About Influences, Multi-Media Business, His Future & Much More [INTERVIEW]

Posted by on January 11, 2021

Mixing trap, hip-hop and gaming on one side, while maintaining a vibrant personality as seen on his socials on the other, the ‘HipHopGamer’s’ digestible, reasonably unified experience through said socials impressively connects component of his lifestyle with a profession of his choice. A ‘stacked’ trait-of-sorts that plays well in 2021.

The unique and visionary multi-media business model highlights a healthy solution for the new struggle ushered in by today’s modern digital age: The innate and enduring challenge of being present and balanced offline and online.

Whether organically or tactically, or both, The ‘HipHopGamer’s domination of this challenge, and then doubling down by including multiple professions within his growing window of his audience, is a strategic combination that is worth highlighting and clearly works.

Part-commentator, part-gamer, part-musician, part just-born entertainer, FreshNewTracks had a chat with the USA-based talent, getting in-depth below.


What were moments growing up you ‘knew’ you wanted to go into entertainment as a profession?

Answer: When I was 14, I had my first ever performance on stage as a rap artist in a rap group, with my brother, and other members of the group that I consider family. That moment being on stage, hearing the cheering from the crowd was everything, I knew I wanted to entertain.

Another moment was going to E3 in 2008 [and] having that experience was a dream come true for a hardcore gamer, and I knew I had to do this as a career and my day job had to come to an end at some point and go full time, [as the] HipHopGamer.

Was there a moment that connected your business savvy side with your love of games and entertainment broadly?

Answer: Yes, my business savvy side was always there I just never tapped into it because I and many others growing up especially, in my era, we were always taught to work until you’re 65, get a pension, and die, end of story, but, I didn’t want that to be my story – feel me?

So, going to E3 in 2009 – That was the first time I went to E3 on my own media credentials, as HipHopGamer, and I learned a lot, asked a lot of questions, and started to become more valuable as a talent – by becoming more than just a talent.

I started to utilize my knowledge and passion for the gaming industry and merged that with other industries. So, I started making money in the movie industry, sports, fashion, etc…. And, I always took time out to learn about what other people needed and provide it for them, which led to the discovery of my passion also being able to solve problems. And, that’s when I knew that I was on to something that would take me to the next level.

On the subject of your music mixed with gaming scores, was that idea something you always planned, or, was it more of a natural next step given the moment?

Answer: Well growing up playing all the games, like NBA LIVE, and MADDEN, and also games like, Streets of Rage, and Tony Hawk, they had dope hip-hop sound tracks. So, I always wanted to make songs for games just cause it was cool to do especially if you from the hood.

What really pushed me to take my music seriously, in terms of the gaming industry was this guy, Candid Anthony, who called me out and said

“How is your name HipHopGamer yet you don’t rap?”

I was like, “What..?,” that was the wrong thing to say, I actually made a diss verse back in 2008 against him. That’s when I was like [thinking], “You know what Candid Anthony is right, my name is HipHopGamer, more people need to know that I’m actually a Hip-Hop artist, and not just only a fan of Hip-Hop culture, because I grew up in it.

So then, that’s when I started to make songs for video games and, humbly and amazingly, I actually got my songs in video games like Watch Dogs 2 and Twisted Metal – that’s historic to me.

Answer: My Grandma – my grandma was, and is, my everything, and my grandma taught me about my TRUE IDOL, which is GOD, and the importance of the love of God and spreading that message around the world, by the way I live my life.

Who were your idols looking up to growing up?

Answer: I’ve had tons of influences, such as 50 cent, Oprah, Adam Sessler, 2pac, and more, but my at the end of the day, my grandmother, Margaret Williams, impacted my life the most.

What advice would you give to other growing indie artists who aim to find that ‘connective ground’ between their larger-life entertainment passions and a working business framework on social media?

Answer: The best advice I can give is to find what, YOU, do that only, you CAN, do to create an exclusive impact on what your passionate about.

For example, let’s say your a comedian, but you also got the skills of a chef, the combination of food and laughter, and the way you deliver it with your unique touch and stamp of approval, is a game changer.

So use everything that makes you, YOU, as a way to amplify what you’re passionate about, so when the world sees it, it’s not something they’ve seen or felt before you become the FIRST within your actual passion to impact the world, just as you are.