Hip-Hop, Pop, Videos | Hoodie Allen – Fame is for Assholes (Video)

Posted by on February 18, 2013

Call me an asshole, but I wouldn’t mind being famous. Either way, Hoodie Allen is doing it right. Hoodie goes back to the Leap Year rapping days on this, and I love it. Chiddy does his thing as always, and drops a few sweet bars. Crew Cuts drops in two days. See you then. I don’t know what happened to our hip-pop tab, but this is definitely hip-pop, so just pretend that’s what it says.

Electro, Mainstream Remix | Hoodie Allen — Small Town (SmarterChild Remix)

Posted by on September 27, 2012

I don’t generally dabble in anything outside of the hip-hop hemisphere, but SmarterChild hit me with this remix to one of the more ardent tracks from Hoodie Allen’s latest EP, “Small Town,” and he fantastically manipulates it into a electro jam. For Hoodie and EDM-heads alike, this is a sure crowd and party-pleaser, with a hearty dose of electronic riffs and yet still a strong residue of the original.

Hip-Hop, Pop | Hoodie Allen – Feel The Love (Prod. RJF)

Posted by on August 27, 2012

Wow. RJ Ferguson(Hoodie’s DJ/Producer) absolutely murdered this beat. Ridiculously catchy beat, killer verses from the young up and comer. Hoodie has found his target audience(college/high school kids), and is catering to them perfectly, while still having depth in his music. Hoodie has found his lane, and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. Grab the download below for free courtesy of Hoodie and RJ.


Hip-Hop, Videos | Hoodie Allen – No Faith In Brooklyn (ft. Jhameel)

Posted by on April 10, 2012

In lieu of Hoodie hitting top 10 in both of the hip-hop and iTunes albums, he dropped off the visuals to the other standout track on All American. Hoodie is one of the most deserving guys so go buy his EP and support not only him but also good music! Check the visuals and grab the EP!



Posted by on March 10, 2011

Despite adding the infamous “SweetE” to appeal more to our female viewers…our female fans haven’t come through as much as we hoped. We’ve still got a few of these white with pink jackets, a few of the same ones with blue, and a few smalls in the grey tank top. In order to help get rid of these, were having our first Fresh New Tracks Apparel Special…Buy an American Apparel jacket by March 16th and you’ll receive a free hat with the order (a 12$ value). Oh, and once these jackets are sold out we’ll be restocking everything…so, if you’re waiting on that white with blue tank or that neon hoodie, get one of your girlfriends or buddies credit cards out and start ordering. Order HERE.

Hip-Hop | Fortune Family – Paradox & Moufy | Hip-Hop

Posted by on February 17, 2011

While we were down, we missed the drop of Fortune Fam’s EP, Paradox. I’m loving this mixtape, it’s not too often that you hear good lyricism with great flow.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, its about time you get it, here. Below I posted some of my favorite tracks.

DOWNLOAD: Fortune Family – Take Me Away

DOWNLOAD: Fortune Family – Ahora

DOWNLOAD: Fortune Family ft. Hoodie Allen -Lift Off


Here is the final leak off Moufy’s up coming mixtape, City Dreamin’, which will be released this coming Monday. Listen closely to the story he tells…

DOWNLOAD: Moufy – Miss Newton

Videos | Video Remixed Into a BANGER

Posted by on September 5, 2010

You know, sometimes you just need to give these video remixers some credit. This is hilarious. Did you see the way this rat just backed it up and dumped it? Unbelievable, “black hoodie, white hoodie, white hoodie, black hoodie… I’m backing up, backing up, backing up, backing up, my daddy taught me good.” (really glad your daddy taught you how to back it up by the way…. ) And dont you just hate it when you’re putting another type of coffee in your coffee cup and two men get out of a car one wearing a black hoodie, one wearing a white hoodie? See original below.