Hip-Hop, Rap | A Group Forgotten: Live On Arrival

Posted by on April 9, 2012

Thank God for the shuffle feature on my iPod. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t of remembered one of my favorite hip hop acts from over a decade ago…. yes a decade ago. Live On Arrival, or better known as LOA, was a hip hop group from Atlanta, G.A. that was popular in the South from the mid 90s to the early to mid 2000s. One of the most unique sounds out, Live On Arrival’s tracks present a fresh throwback sound that hip hop is missing today. Live On Arrival put out three albums and countless mixtapes during their run, but now cease to exist as the hip hop industry has evolved into what we are now listening to today. With that being said, take this music for what it is: a breath of fresh air. If you like LOA, be sure to check out Collective Efforts. Ben Hameen, the lead vocalist for Collective Efforts found and formed LOA in the early 1990s.

Live On Arrival – Dope Gold Rope

Live On Arrival – God Bless Em’