Hip-Hop | glvsshouse’s “Ruin My Life” A Rich Single In New ‘Era’ Of Trap-Inspired Melodic Hip-Hop

Posted by on November 21, 2020

glvsshouse evenly and undoubtedly embraces edgy elements, striking a balance between his story, his visual style, and the regular music content he surrounds his listener with. With an inspiring vocal-range and emo-leaning instrument work, “R.M.L.,” all-topped with sprinkled auto-tune aesthetics, renders something new, time-testing, and opportune in all the right ways.

New young artists are popping up by the day and, within in hip-hop, these new additions to the genre couldn’t be at a more accelerated rate globally. Point being, Hip-Hop is the the most popular genre in the world, drawing the most artist to choose to incorporate it into their recipe of regular song/release output and general expression.

Whether hip-hop and pop-genres are heading toward a kind of global singularity or this is a new/era of musicians, the music world continues to change and remain constantly curious. “R.M.L.,” stands out for many reasons, but it can also be highlighted about it’s uniqueness in comparison to the age we are in.

Who knows what the future holds, check out the single in full above.

Hip-Hop | Melodic Hip Hop Experience Brought Forth as glvsshouse Debuts “Games”

Posted by on April 5, 2020

“Games” catches a unique wavelength as unique sonic elements collide to form some chill, uplifting, hip-hop feeling, but a splash of emo included.

Julian Skiboat’s work on the instrumental front, in particular the guitar, added that bit of sauce needed to make this one infectious.

glvsshouse aka Mike D’Andrea had a successful, Grammy winning best friend in his life who pushed him toward music, eventually becoming a frontman in a band touring the upper east region of the USA.

glvsshouse is clearly just getting started but delivers quality to say the least, click through to his profile above if you dig what you see.