Albums | GFTD Releases Latest Single led by iNTeLL

Posted by on July 13, 2020

GFTD’s latest release, “Legacy Drip”, is an in-your-face reminder of just how serious the Staten Island duo truly is. Acknowledging their Hip-Hop pedigree and oozing with confidence, the Wu-Tang progenies further establish their status as Hip-Hop royalty on this bouncy and futuristic track.

iNTeLL takes center stage, demanding constant attention and offering break-neck bars over distorted keys and hard hitting 808s. Combining humor and aggression, “Legacy Drip” is a candid representation of the up-and-coming emcee’s drive, aspirations, and effortless swagger. That being said, this track offers a more authentic insight into the young rapper’s mind than ever before, opening the door to a limitless stockpile of energy and creativity.

This reminiscent track brings with it futuristic undertones which present iNTeLL as a new link between the glory-days of the New York scene and the future. The verses are broken up by a hard-hitting chorus that is grounded in the 808 baseline and irregular flows distinguish each verse as unique in both style and sentiment. He jumps back and forth between compelling statements of self-confidence and clever anecdotes that put the up-and-comer’s creativity on full display. Conclusively, “Legacy Drip” doesn’t bank on the GFTD’s Wu-Tang legacy to be compelling but rather implements it as a reminder of their limitless potential.