Dubstep | Illenium & Said The Sky – Falling In (ft. Mimi Page)

Posted by on July 18, 2014

I knew before I clicked play that this would be a good track considering all the names that worked on it. I was not disappointed. This is Said the Sky’s second FNT post, and it is absolutely deserving. Said the Sky teamed up with his buddy Illenium and created this dubstep masterpiece with vocals from Mimi Page. The track starts out with some light electronic piano and vocals, and builds gracefully into melodic growls and synths. A few sections push into the drumstep area as well. Grab this track for free below!

Said The Sky | Illenium

Free Download: Illenium & Said The Sky – Falling In (ft. Mimi Page)

Dubstep | Illenium X Said The Sky ft. Sirma – Drop Our Hearts (Part II)

Posted by on April 28, 2014

Illenium X Said The Sky ft. Sirma - Drop Our Hearts (Part II)
My favorite tune from Illenium’s four track “Risen” EP just got a facelift, as he tabs fellow Denver producer Said The Sky to take on his most successful tune to date. Remixing your own track is not always easy (though Avicii just crushed a whole album of it), but with the fresh ideas of Said The Sky, it may have just gotten better. The vocal from Sirma is kept in tact with much of the original melodic structure, but the two producers give it a bit more bite without going over the top.

Free Download: Illenium X Said The Sky ft. Sirma – Drop Our Hearts (Part II)

Dubstep, Electro-House | Illenium – Risen EP

Posted by on January 16, 2014

illenium - risen EPWe first introduced you to Illenium’s melodic dubstep single “Drop Our Hearts” and then gave you the exclusive download of his powerful, glitchy tune “For Truth“. Now the date has come for Nick Miller, known to an increasing number as Illenium, to release his debut EP as a free download.

He kicks off the EP with a bouncy tune that gracefully adventures in Melbourne bounce, but remains in tune with his sound with the two step beat. In between “For Truth” and “Drop Our Hearts”, Illenium delivers “Souls”, a deep, bassy tune in the style that has become quite popular in Colorado and seems to be his forte, though the diversity in this EP makes it hard to pinpoint one definitive sound.

Free Download: Illenium – Risen EP


Dubstep | Illenium ft. Sirma – Drop Our Hearts

Posted by on December 12, 2013

ILLENIUM - Drop Our Hearts

It has been a while since I have been really blown away by a submission. Yes, there will be absolute heat in big time press releases, but that is a given. The great satisfaction comes from finding those hidden gems hidden amongst your mass bcc emails and mass non-bcc emails, that shine like Kanye on the set of South Park. The track has the similar feel of Stephen Swartz’s “Bullet Train” combining deep, rumbling bass with emotive piano, cinematic effects and female vocals that top the whole thing off. Illenium has a 4 track EP coming on January 16th, which so far sounds outstanding.

Free Download: Illenium ft. Sirma – Drop Our Hearts