Dubstep, Glitch | Foreign Beggars – Contact (TuneCeeDUBSTEP Bootleg Remix) [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on December 17, 2012

TuneCeeDUBSTEP is an up coming producer out of Germany, who isn’t too well known in the scene yet. About a week ago I caught a glimpse of this track’s preview floating around Soundcloud and I knew we had to get him to finish and release this monstrous remix and the only way we could is if we put some support behind him. He was able to finish this Midtempo/Dubstep track and it sounds heavier then ever. Keeping the grime feel that Foreign Beggar’s vocals bring, he spun this track into something unique and different than the usual growls most artist like to incorporate. Not to mention the different combinations of the variety of sounds.


Free Download: Foreign Beggars – Contact (TuneCeeDUBSTEP Bootleg Remix)