Hip-Hop | OnCue – Rich Kid (Prod. Brenton Duvall & CJ Luzi)

Posted by on February 15, 2012

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Rich Kid (Prod. by Brenton Duvall & CJ Luzi)

Cuey just released his second song of the week, Rich Kid. With the help of Brenton Devuall and CJ Luzi this track is hot. Here’s what Brenton had to say about the track:

“I sent this shit to OnCue about two months ago. When we were first working with it, it sounded super swaggy. Some Houston x Brooklyn shit. I don’t know what it was really, but I really fucked with the feel of the track. I was sampling this, to begin with. Anyway, what started out as a quick, fun track eventually evolved into something a whole lot better. Once CJ got his hands on the beat, it really got taken to the next level. This is definitely the best shit I’ve ever been a part of and is what I consider to be part of the beginning of a completely new path for OnCue. I 100% believe that he is going to do some really important things in music. Not rap music, but all music. He’s definitely one of the smartest and most creative rappers I’ve ever seen let alone met. I’ve been telling everyone not to sleep on him but I think I’m done doing that. At this point, if you aren’t giving Cue a listen, it’s only a problem for you. I don’t know how much good shit I can say about him, and at this point I’m rambling, so fuck it. Enjoy Rich Kid.”