Dubstep | ELEVATD Drops Jaw-Dropping 4-Track ‘The Plague Tapes, Vol. 1’ EP

Posted by on January 26, 2022

Hailing from Chicago, ELEVATD knows how to tackle all sorts of forms of production, but it is the spectrum of dubstep, riddim, and other genres of bass music that is their specialty. The Plague Tapes, Vol. 1 articulates this sentiment precisely, sharing 4 songs that all flow within a broad common spectrum, but each having a special sense of individuality that makes them memorable and club/festival ready.

Sirens blaring and in the company of a haunting theme as an introduction, “Rise From The Dead,” shocks the system and prepares one for the ride they are in store for. “Sweet Dreams,” comes through boasting a bit more theatrics, going down the vein of releases like “PUNISHMENT” and “DECIMATION VIP.” “Keep It Poppin,” gets a groove going, nudging the audience to throw down and get that head bobbin.’ This third track is where the inkling is pronounced that this EP is more than random singles put together, but a story unfolding. “Critical Error,” closes the chronical with knock-out sample choice and a quality that you just went through the motions of something strangely special.

ELEVATD knows what they are doing in the studio and the shows that follow them are an additional extension that they are on to something killer, not to be taken for granted.

This EP was birthed from the extreme and sometimes pent-up emotion of the pandemic and the society that caused it, unleashed as a sonic expression of how we felt. We think it could possibly be used to fuel the energy to confront the person who killed your brother or sister, so that your violence has some style to it.