Electro | Paris Hilton Makes Cameo In Electric Polar Bears Music Video ‘Melting’

Posted by on March 21, 2021

Electric Polar Bears have seriously outdone themselves in this music video. Their MV for original single, “Melting,” features none other than Paris Hilton, a pioneer of ‘being famous for being famous,’ as well as, virality altogether, giving the video a serious bump when it comes to online attention and viewership. Yet, even with a massive cameo from an A-list celebrity, Electric Polar Bears stick to their roots here, showcasing stunning visuals with a sun-kissed atmosphere and a glitzy, feel-good storyline.

The audio side of “Melting,” doesn’t get compromised here in the least. From the start a high-octane, rhythmic synth fades in and begins delivering it’s impression. By mid-way through the song, a pumped house beat and seductive vocals fill the gaps and catapults the experience to a new-found level. Plenty of moment capturing sonic elements built in here.

Electric Polar Bears clearly knows how to out-due themselves and take the vibe to the next level, “Melting,” being the next strong example of just this.