Videos | Mac Miller, Jacking Beats?

Posted by on September 10, 2010

I just peeped this over at Barstool. What up El Pres? It seems that Mac Miller didn’t credit Up North production on “La La La”. In the music world, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. If I were those producers, I would have handled it differently though. I gather three things from this situation. One, it makes Mac Miller’s management look incompetent. I mean common, how hard is it to make sure that the producers are credited on the album art? That’s like writing a term paper and not citing your sources. Of course your professor is going to call you out. Up North claims that tried multiple times to contact to him but had no luck. Secondly, it looks bad on Mac Miller to blatantly lie. The e-mails don’t lie. It was clear from the video that Mac Miller knowingly received the track. There’s no disputing that. Third, the producers also look bad. Chasing him down with a video camera looks desperate at best. Even though I’ve never even heard of these guys, they still deserved the credit. This is Fresh New Tracks telling you, everyone lost in this situation. Hit the jump to see who I think Mac needs to hire to do his PR.