Albums, Mixtapes | Drake- Thank Me Later

Posted by on June 15, 2010

It’s here. In order to appreciate the future, we must also appreciate the past. It’s only right that we celebrate “So Far Gone”, the work of art that catapulted him into the position he’s in today. In honor of his release, I would like to share with you all the tracks from So Far Gone. I purposely didn’t put them in a zip file because I wanted you to experience and appreciate each song individually. So Far Gone, in my opinion, is the best mixtape of all time. I hope it reaches you as it did me.

Music is often both a celebration and experience. People make music to mark the most important events and turning points in their lives. In Drake’s case, “Thank Me Later” marks his meteoric rise. Music, however, is also a vital part of our ethical lives because it often serves as the uniting factor across a wide range of ethnicities and social classes. Music has this unexplainable open-ended sociability that puts us in touch with what is common to human beings across societies. Music reminds us of our common human make up we share with others, and acts as a universally unifying function. In my experience, I’ve made countless friendships from simply communicating with all of you through Fresh New Tracks on the daily. For those friendships and the countless hours of fun, we can’t thank you enough.

It’s my hope that, at least for today, we can all join together at the table of life and celebrate this work of art together. I hope that you pick up the CD. I know I will. I proudly present to you… So Far Gone. I’m not going to label this as a corny “Must DL” because it’s so far beyond that.

1. Drake- Lust For Life
2. Drake- Houstatlantavegas
3. Drake ft. Trey Songz and Lil Wayne- Successful
4. Drake ft. Peter Bjorn and John- Let’s Call It Off
5. Drake- November 18th
6. Drake ft. Lil Wayne- Ignant Shit
7. Drake ft. Lloyd- A Night Off
8. Drake- Say What’s Real
9. Drake ft. Lykke Li- Little Bit
10. Drake- Best I Ever Had
11. Drake ft. Lil Wayne- Unstoppable
12. Drake ft. Lil Wayne and Bun- Uptown
13. Drake- Sooner Than Later
14. Drake ft. Omarion- Bria’s Interlude
15. Drake- The Calm
16. Drake- Outro
17. Drake- Brand New