Dubstep, Review | Flinch – Light It Up EP

Posted by on March 2, 2012

Flinch’s new EP hasn’t been getting the recognition it deserves, and from asking around it is safe to say everyone who has listened to it was caught by surprise. All four tracks on this EP are refreshing, and pleasing original dubstep tunes. Starting off with Light it Up,vocals provided by Heather Bright, which is a well worked vocal dubstep track. The drop isn’t anything crazy, but stylish enough to listen to a 100 times and not get tired of it. The second track on the EP is probably my favorite, because he showcased a version of it late last year but as a remix of a Katy B track. I’m really happy he decided get a vocalist, Domonique Porter, to lay down some original vocals to this absolute monster track. Third, we have a track entitled Lost In A Blur and I would have to say that title sums up this track well. There is a feeling of not knowing what is coming in this track, because it starts off soft and ordinary then a pretty heavy drop just slaps you in the face. The last track on the EP reminds me somewhat of Flinch’s remix to Woman Like Me, because of the same UK Funky vibe throughout the track. Grab this EP on Beatport HERE.

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