FYI | An Open Letter To… The Weeknd

Posted by on April 15, 2012

Dear Weeknd,

I watched you perform in the desert as the sun set on Coachella tonight. What you’ve done for music as of late has been notable to say the least. With a matter of three projects and no radio play, you’ve single handedly brought credibility back to genre marred with bubble gum hooks and general foolishness. Your music is nothing short of genius, but I have a bone to pick. Actually, it’s quite a big bone. Your live performance just plain sucks.

I sat at my computer watching the live stream of your performance in absolute shock. The whole blogosphere and Twitterverse was in shock. Even the fans watching the show were shocked. They stood there just as bewildered as I was watching from home. They couldn’t even muster enough enthusiasm for an encore. You ran off the stage awkwardly with your hands to your side like something out of Jon Heder’s “Napoleon Dynamite.” It was that bad.

Look, I get it. That’s a huge stage. They threw you in the deep end and forced you to swim. You’re a new artist. You’re still developing your stage presence. It’s like anything else, it just takes practice. Even Frank Ocean’s stage performance was poor at best. That I’ll let you slide on. What I won’t let you get away with was your vocal performance. Half of your songs weren’t even in the right key. Drake should have bought you some floaties because you sank miserably.

Despite your slopping showing, I’m still a fan. I’ll still come to your shows, listen to your music all by myself in a dark room, and buy your debut album when it comes out. You’re making music that nobody else has the ability to make, and we celebrate you for that. However, tonight we all learned that you were less invincible than previously thought. And in a strange way, makes you more likable.