Progressive House | Fun. – We Are Young (Culture Code Remix)

Posted by on June 21, 2013


For those of you not going out on a friday night, this is for you. I would totally be out doing something cool, such as couch shopping with my parents or going to the zoo and looking at ostriches but sadly, the zoo and the rest of downtown is flooded. My city has been in a state of emergency for like, ever, so it looks like I’m staying in tonight, as I always do. I was happy to come across this remix of Fun.’s “We Are Young” because, at least in my opinion, it hasn’t had any good remixes. Culture Code has done an awesome job on this remix and is giving it away for free.

Dubstep | R Rated #54

Posted by on November 8, 2012

With Krewella’s Play Hard Remix EP in the making, we are seeing some glimpses of their remixes surfacing rapidly. This week we got two free remixes of Krewella’s tracks, one from Culture Code and the other from The Pegboard Nerds. Both artist take a different take on their given tracks; With Culture code providing us with one of their melodic, trancey styled tracks they have been tearing the stages with. On the other hand we have Pegboard Nerds delivering another stellar heavy tune with some funky synths and aggressive growls.

Although we already posted Dirtyphonics latest single along with the remixes entitled “DIRTY”, we couldn’t keep out this new freebie given away that wasn’t on the EP. Synchronice nailed this remix giving it even more heavy bass and crazier synths than the original. This one definitely takes the top spot for my favorite remix of this track. You can grab the download HERE or below.

Although these next two tracks aren’t exactly “filthy” tracks, they earned their spots on R Rated. Minnesota has created some heavy tracks in his day, but lately he has been leaning more towards creating appealing melodic tracks and they definitely seem to be working. This Adventure Club remix sets the mood for a nice autumn afternoon.

Continuing on with the melodic tracks, this next one is by the Inspected ‘Dream Team’. Yes the record label Inspected was able to round up some of the biggest names under their label to create this next masterpiece in celebration of Movember. Gemini, Asa, Culprate, and KOAN Sounds collaborated on this next piece to create a unique melodic track.

To cap off R Rated, our very own Mach threw together this heavy mix. Don’t take this caution lightly, but if you can’t handle a hour and fifteen minutes of filth then this mix isn’t for you. Download the mix HERE. Read on below for the track list.


Dubstep | Adventure Club – Wait (Culture Code Remix)

Posted by on September 24, 2012

UK-based duo Culture Code just dropped a big remix of Adventure Club’s “Wait,” which is easily a must download on this Monday evening. The original is awesome to begin with — the addition of some hard-edged synths and heavy kicks enhances the intensity but still allows those catchy vocals to shine through. Listen below and be sure to check out Culture Code on Soundcloud.