Progressive House | Chris Reece – Complicated

Posted by on July 1, 2013


Living in the Texas of Canada, I naturally have a tendency to enjoy country music. I’m not really sure if country is big in texas but with all the cowboy hats and horses there I have to assume it is. You may also notice horses and a gentleman with a cowboy hat in the song art above so you should probably know what I’m alluding to. Part of the Helvetic Nerds, Chris Reece is a long established producer. It’s sort of his thing to fuse different genres, such as jazz and rock into the standard progressive house formula. In “Complicated”, his latest release, the style he has chosen to infuse is country. This song is likely not for everybody, especially if you hate cute little puppies and freedom, but this was the first song I have bought in a long time (though on a pre-paid visa my aunt got me for christmas, no way I’m using my own money) so I thought I should share. If you give it a try you might like it. If not, well then I only have one thing to say. If you think it’s a good idea for the storyline to involve a lengthy massage, it’s not.

Beatport: Chris Reece – Complicated

Progressive House | United Stormwatch (Stereoshock Official Edit)

Posted by on April 28, 2013


In an era where house mashups are quite possibly the worst thing to ever exist, it’s a good thing there are artists such as Stereoshock willing to raise the bar. Stereoshock’s edits, unlike most mashups, combines multiples tracks together in a cohesive way that makes it seem as one individual song. His latest edit does just that. He takes two songs and merges them so flawlessly that you cannot tell you are listening to two different tracks. “United Stormwatch” consists of Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa’s “United” as well as the Dinka and Chris Reece mix of “Stormwatch”. Watch out because big things are happening for Stereoshock including him signing to NUE Agency and his mom commenting on his Soundcloud about how much she loves his music.

Free Download: United Stormwatch (Stereoshock Official Edit)

House | Chris Reece ft Jennifer Needles – Never Let Go | Progressive House

Posted by on July 15, 2011

The only thing I enjoy more than house tracks with female vocals would be Kate Upton in the commercial above…who the hell is this girl and am I the only one who spit out my vitamin water (sorry Sobe, no chance) when I saw this commercial yesterday? Regardless, songs with female vocals are something else.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Reece ft Jennifer Needles – Never Let Go


Ferry Corsten is an animal…
DOWNLOAD: Ferry Corsten – Check it Out

Brand new disco track remixed by one of the geniuses behind the international hit, We Speak No Americano.
DOWNLOAD: Night Riders – Get Hooked (DCUP Remix)