House | Fluxus-T.E.A.M

Posted by on April 26, 2012

Fluxus created another banger, this time taking the vocals from Calvin Harris’ Flashback. He did all of this work creating an original mix for this sassy betch named Celine. Celine, betch, what do you do and how are you doing it? He’s used your favorite word for the title, your favorite song “Flashback” and created an original track for you. Apparently you have it figured out or your self-esteem should sky rocket. I’m asphyxiating on how adorable this is. Just let this kid take you to prom because he’s like the skim milk to your iced coffee. Who wouldn’t want to go to Prom with a DJ anyways…think of the pregame playlist. Drink into oblivion (or not, whatever), find the perfect dress and make sure TL is by your side for those pictures that your mother is going to hark on you for. C, love you, mean it.

Love, BetchesLoveThis and FNT


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