Featured, Mix | Kronic Announces North America Tour + FNT EXCLUSIVE MIX

Posted by on September 17, 2014

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The homie Kronic just announced a HUGE US tour which kicks off next week, AND hits us with an exclusive FNT mix just in time for the hump day celebrations. Starting off on the West Coast in Seattle on September 26, the Australian will be hitting up Texas, Chicago, Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and much much more, to finish off in Scottsdale, Arizona. Don’t know what to expect at a Kronic show? Press play below and rage hard, shots, shots, shots, and some more vodka, get with the bounce, Kronic is coming to America!!!

Melbourne Bounce | Bombs Away & Dan Absent – Samurai Bounce

Posted by on August 25, 2014

Bombs Away & Dan Absent - Samurai Bounce
2013 and 2014 has been a revelation worldwide of new genres from deep house to melbourne bounce. Going with that second genre, Bombs Away & Dan Absent come in hot with some industrial electro, mixed together with flute to contrast the vicious yet graceful nature of a samurai. Grab the tune now on Beatport or iTunes, whichever you prefer and stay tuned for more from these guys.

Beatport | iTunes

Progressive House | Henrix & Sevag – Latina

Posted by on August 14, 2014

Henrix & Sevag - Latina
Can you feel that bounce? Originally part of Cr2 Records Ibiza compilation earlier this summer, the full version of “Latina” has now hit stores. Two lovers of fine Latin women, it was fitting that these two would name a track after something like they are very fond for. As irresistible as a beautiful Latin woman on the beach of Miami, the tune comes at you an infectious groove and blaring horns. Grab this one below and get ready for more of these two.

Beatport: Henrix & Sevag – Latina


Progressive House | Tom Staar & Ansolo – Totem

Posted by on July 22, 2014

Tom Staar & Ansolo - Totem
I told you the story of Ansolo and FNT in my last post so it is incredible to see him with his mentor Tom Staar releasing a tune on one of the most prestigious dance labels around, Size Records. We have seen a return to the bounce in dance music, not just what Melbourne has been doing for quite some time that is making waves across the world, but also groovier bass lines finding their way back into big time dance music. This tune has it all with an irresistible low end and a surprisingly soothing melody all wrapped up with strong tribal influences. It has already hit number 10 on the iTunes dance chart, so grab “Totem” below.

iTunes | Beatport

Electro-House | Live City – Shot Calla

Posted by on May 21, 2014

Live City - Shot CallaTheir remix for September “Cry For You” was absolute jam, so not to rest on their laurels, Live City, residents of Jam City, are back with another tune. Like their previous efforts on Lift Off & Brooklyn Fire, they get down and dirty with a strong hint of Melbourne. The bounce is coming your way and quickly so hop on board before it runs you over.

Beatport: Live City – Shot Calla

Hip-Hop, Rap | GoldLink – Ay Ay (Video)

Posted by on April 30, 2014

After the successful release of his genre-bending project, The God Complex, GoldLink has debuted the first video for the song “Ay Ay”. Classified as a “future-bounce stripper anthem,” the video combines some serious booty-shaking with a mini-plot line. The video was directed by Nathan R. Smith, and is the second strong visual release from him and GoldLink in the past month.

Check out the video above, and be sure to grab The God Complex here, if you haven’t already.

Events, Hip-Hop, Review | SXSW: GoldLink at Soulection’s “Sound of Tomorrow” Showcase

Posted by on March 27, 2014

On Saturday March 15th at precisely 2:50pm in sunny Austin, Texas the young and mysterious rapper by the name of GoldLink stepped upon the stage at Barcelona. A showcase aptly titled the “Sound of Tomorrow” had a bill filled with the futuristic sounding producers on Soulection’s roster. GoldLink was neither a part of Soulection’s imprint, nor was he a producer…so as I and the numerous other audience members asked ourselves what he was doing up on stage, he slowly began to gather himself and show us why.

GoldLink’s music is best described by Chuck Allen of Way Less Effort: “Of all the new sounds that have popped up in the industry, from the soul-sucking gothic southern grime that the UK and South Florida have been dropping, to the glo’d up trap of the Chi, this new “future bounce” sound really stands out. It doesn’t throw it all the way back to boom-bap like the “New New York” ish that Pro Era has been pushing, and it isn’t on that entirely digital production tip either. It mixes the buttery grooves of 90?s R&B with classic hip-hop breaks to give it an essence of nostalgia, and then turns on its head with bouncy, forward-thinking production from the likes of Kaytranada and Ta-ku. Add that to Goldlink’s roller coaster flow that fills every pocket of the dynamic instrumentals he tackles, and suddenly your head and shoulders are bobbing and you don’t know what happened.” *1

This future-bounce movement was prevalent all the way through his performance as he went worked through his short SoundCloud catalog, spitting out his semi-viral hits such at “Creep”, “Playah”, and at-the-time-unreleased song “Planet Paradise”. I was entranced by his energetic stage presence and ability to work a crowd whom was not at all expecting to be seeing a rapper on stage.

GoldLink has remained unseen by the internet world, but with his forthcoming mixtape, The God Complex set to drop in a matter of days, I can’t imagine his face avoiding the limelight for much longer. Enjoy, GoldLink’s newest release “Planet Paradise” produced by Louie Lastic, and be sure to prepare yourself for SXSW next year, since it’s never too early to start planning!

*1 (Chuck Allen, Way Less Effort)