Hip-Hop, Videos | The Dream ft. Big Sean – Ghetto (Music Video)

Posted by on October 24, 2011


Above are some visuals to Dream’s Ghetto featuring Big Sean. For some reason Dream released the video under his actual name, Terius Nash.

Real Ni**a  on her wishlist. Use to blow me off now she blow me kisses.

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Hip-Hop | Roscoe Dash, The Dream ft. Big Sean

Posted by on August 31, 2011


Alright so Roscoe Dash isn’t exactly our cup of tea here at FNT, but the dude has been on the rise lately (anyone who has been on a track with Yeezy is on the up-and-up in my book). Whether or not you think his singing sounds more like whining, he knows how to make bangers, and I have a feeling that this will be his next radio song. We’ll get you the dirty version to this track when it comes out.
DOWNLOAD: Roscoe Dash – Good F*cking Night (Clean)


Pssht, do we ever pass up on some new Big Sean? His verse starts at 3:07.

Used to blow me off… now she blows me kisses.

DOWNLOAD: The Dream ft. Big Sean – Ghetto