Events, Featured | Walden Brightness Sessions Mixify Event 5/9

Posted by on May 3, 2013

Brightness Sessions

Next Thursday, May 9th FNT and Big Beat will be hosting young Australian producer, Walden for his May Brightness Session on Mixify. Coming off of the release of his 3 track “Machine Land EP“, the burgeoning talent has lived up to the lofty expectations set for him this year so far. In this 3 hour event, you will see opening sets from rising Dutch duo Sick Individuals, whose growing catalog of remixes have become the favorites of many, and New Jersey duo, Cash Cash, whose “Alive” remix has put them squarely in the spotlight of the dance music world and catapulted them to getting signed by Big Beat Records. Below is the schedule for the event, so do not miss out on this. Don’t miss out on this, click the artist’s names to RSVP for this awesome upcoming event.

6pm ET – Cash Cash
7pm ET – Sick Individuals
8pm ET – Walden

Electro-House | Walden – Machine Land EP

Posted by on April 29, 2013

Walden - Machine Land EP

Aussie youngster, Walden has become a hot pick lately as an up and comer with several releases thus far this year on New York based Big Beat Records and already touring stateside, playing the esteemed Ultra Music Festival. This time he returns with three new originals (one is an 2013 update) to cultivate a three track EP, exploring new sounds and styles for the burgeoning talent from down under.

The EP starts with the title track “Machine Land”, which starts immediately with an onslaught of echoing, electro beats that pound at you until the very last second of the track. It is downloadable for free for the next 48 hours below. The next two tracks continue the trend of hard hitting electro with the new original “Only Invader” that starts with an ominous build and then cascades into a fast paced, pitched synth laden drop with a growling low end and then finishes with an update of his previously free single “Mono World”, tweaking the grungy track to fit the EP. Walden has been slowly creating his niche with euphoric, big room house tracks and with this EP, he flips the script completely and shows his capacity to create hard hitting electro tracks, much like others on his label. It is an interesting direction to see him and go and it will be worth watching in the future.

Free Download: Walden – Machine Land

Beatport: Walden – Machine Land EP

Progressive House | Special Features – Illusions

Posted by on April 9, 2013

British producer Eden Anderson, aka Special Features, coming off of his remix of Walden’s “Intropial“, makes his triumphant return to Big Beat Records with his new single “Illusions“. A name who has cemented himself as must watch up and comer, makes his single debut on New York City based, Big Beat Records, which is having a great year of its own with releases like “Together We Are” and the Kill Paris remix of Rudimental‘s “Feel The Love“. “Illusions” provdes much of the same melodic tendencies we have seen in the past with Special Features, using fast paced key work, playful arps and cheery melodies to create yet another outstanding production. On the horizon, Special Features has a remix coming for Ellie Goulding, which knowing her vocal prowess and his production style, it should mesh very well.

Beatport: Special Features – Illusions


Progressive House | Walden – Intropial (Remixes)

Posted by on March 18, 2013


Australian youngster, Walden in the midst of his first WMC, unveils the remix package for his recent single “Intropial” on Big Beat Records. The first remix comes from Pierce Fulton, who strips back some of the big room tendencies of the original and focuses on the groove with a strong bass line and his own simple, yet effective melody that is perfect for the Miami sun he is currently soaking up. Special Features adds his fast paced bright synths to the track that do not stray too much from the original, but still remind us that the young British producer has yet again added another solid remix to his growing discography. Ghost provides a heavy dubstep take on the track, while Dutch duo TV Noise add gritty electro to it.

Beatport: Walden – Intropial (Remixes)

Electro-House, Progressive House | Walden – Intropial (Remixes) [Preview]

Posted by on March 7, 2013


With several releases already under his belt this year and the video for “Intropial” coming out a month ago, Walden tabs three up and comers to remix his latest single on Big Beat Records. Dutch duo TV Noise provide a melodic electro track that does not provide a hint of much in the preview, but from what we hear, it gives the track an edge that may make it more suitable for the bigger stage. Pierce Fulton previews what is to be his second release of the year with a remix that uses a stripped back progressive drop that does not try to do too much, but is just what you want from Pierce Fulton. Ghost provides a dubstep rendition of the track with cruchy synths and fast paced laser synths and snares. The remix package is scheduled for a March 18th release date, just in time for the more “business” oriented side of WMC.

Progressive House | Walden – Intropial

Posted by on January 15, 2013

Young Australian producer, Walden follows up his debut single on Big Beat Records, “Ciaco” with his first offering of 2013, “Intropial”. Not straying from his progressive tendencies, Walden weaves together an uplifting melody with well timed stutters that may seem overused for some, but not here, pitched vocals and a steady bass line. As he is in the midst of his first stateside tour, Walden is proving once again that he can provide consistent quality. You can find info on the rest of his tour after the jump.

Beatport: Walden – Intropial


Progressive House | Walden – Ciaco

Posted by on November 13, 2012

The young Australian follows the heavily supported “Warmonger” with his next single on Big Beat (see a trend with these young guys on Big Beat), “Ciaco”. It brings together soothing builds with pitched, chopped vocal bits and a fine tuned, intricately layered melody. The video represent the unleashing of Walden’s music on the universe, though it is a bit odd. Watch out for more of his releases in the future as the young Australian makes a second landing stateside next month.

Beatport: Walden – Ciaco