Dubstep | DJ Epic – Get One (Krewella X Foreign Beggars X Skrillex)

Posted by on October 10, 2011

Krewella definitely has to be one of my favorite groups of rising stars in the dance/electro/dubstep/rage-your-face off scene, and I am not the only one who has become enamored with them. DJ Epic just dropped this epic bootleg which skillfully combines the powerful vocals from Krewella’s One Minute with face melting Skrillex dub breaks. If that’s not enough excitement for you, this track provides the background music for a behind the scenes video of Krewella shot by Young Wonder. Here’s what YM had to say about following Krewella for a day.

It’s not often YW gets to kick it with girls who have as much talent as Krewella. Krewella is a pop-dubstep group made up of sisters Yasmine and Jahan, along with their BFF and producer, Chris. Together in their trendy West Loop condo, they have been recording club bangers since June of 2010 and have generated thousands of fans. Not to mention the fact that they danced to trap music with us, which earned them serious points.

Download: DJ Epic – Get One (Krewella X Foreign Beggars X Skrillex)