Hip-Hop | Tarik – Alone Tonight

Posted by on September 5, 2011

Our recently affiliated artist Tarik (yes, I know I still need to make his page) has started to catch on this past month. Based off of the raving reviews from last week’s debut video for his remix to “Weatherman”, I strongly believe Tarik will be rising to the top in short time. Yes, that’s your cue to hop on the before it takes off bandwagon. As I mentioned in the previous post, his songs include more than your average club-popping, whip bumping – based lyrics. “Alone Tonight” is actually one of my favorite tracks from Tarik because he offers a little insight into his life through his lyrics. Carefully tune into this one and you’ll see what I mean…

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DOWNLOAD: Tarik – Alone Tonight

Hip-Hop | Tarik – Weatherman (Official Video)

Posted by on August 22, 2011

I seldom find a hip-hop artist that sticks to rap in its purest form. Tarik, is one of those needles in a haystack; he flows about his personal issues and life, not about a fantasy land. Over the past several months, he’s been in the studio gearing up for a strong fall showing. If I had to guess, his facebook fans will at least quadruple by Christmas time. And you know who is going to be along for the ride? You guessed it, FNT. We are officially affiliating Tarik and will be supplying you with a plethora of visuals and beats to keep our Hip-Hop heads satisfied. The visuals above are to “Weatherman”, which is the first Single of T.R.I.G.S. being released September 26th. Be on the look out for more videos to accompany tracks like “Alone Tonight” in the coming month. Below are just a few of my favorite cuts off his previous projects.

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DOWNLOAD: Tarik – Weatherman

DOWNLOAD: Tarik – Alone Tonight

DOWNLOAD: Tarik – Dead Presidents

DOWNLOAD: Tarik – Bad Timing

Hip-Hop | Tarik, T.I., Chris Brown | Hip-Hop

Posted by on April 3, 2011

I introduced Tarik about a week ago with his track “Alone Tonight” (linked). Unlike a number of artists these days, Tarik seems to spit heartfelt tracks which are normally backed by some dope vocals. If you’re hunting for a new up and comer tune in below and check out his Facebook page.

DOWNLOAD: Tarik – Everything I Am

DOWNLOAD: Tarik – Sunshine

I despise tagged up songs. However, every once in a while I can listen past the “Exlusives”, “Hood Rich Sh*t”, “DJ Scream”, “M.L.K” etc. and actually enjoy the song. The original Aston Martin Music song goes hard for days and to be honest, T.I. did an impressive job tackling this monster track. Give it a listen if you want to hold off on downloading it I’d bet the tagless version will be posted within the month.

DOWNLOAD: T.I. – Aston Martin Music (Remix) [Tags]


DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown – All About You (Urban Noize Remix)