Albums, Pop | Tara Jam Unveils New Music Video & Single “Invade My Space”

Posted by on February 1, 2021

Returning to the spotlight with her second single, Tara Jam is definitely not letting anything stop her this year. The multi-talented musician, director and photographer made an impressive debut in late 2020 with “Motion Sickness,” a trap-inspired pop gem that has since amassed 500k views on YouTube and over 300k streams on Spotify.

Tara Jam’s second release comes in the form of “Invade My Space,” a meaningful pop tune that stylistically offers a new perspective into her musical world. Warm synths and minimal percussion drive the tune, while Tara Jam lays down impressive vocal harmonies to top it all off, also pairing it with an eye-catching music video.

Albums | juuku Drops “Warmth” Off New EP

Posted by on January 26, 2021

juuku took over 2020 by storm with consistently potent releases. Now, to kick off 2021 in a big wave he has announced a new EP that he has partnered with Moving Castle with. Above is the lush new visual for his song “Warmth”, the first taste of the upcoming project. Check it out above now!

Albums, Electronic | A Decade In EDM: MiM0SA Drops Meaningful ‘Psychedelic Stereo VOL II’ 10 Years After Volume 1 Release

Posted by on December 19, 2020

MiM0SA has something that many don’t when it comes to releasing his new album ‘Psychedelic Stereo VOL II.’ A deeper meaning behind the album that spans ten years and certainly includes it’s fair-share of unfortunate tragedy inherently embedded.

‘Psychedelic Stereo VOL I’ was released ten years ago, in many ways marking MiM0SA’s rise and ascension to A-list status in the global EDM scene.

With the passing of 2 best friends in close proximity with each-other and a shift in perspective, including embracing sobriety, MiM0SA has released VOL II with a shifting perspective and mindset going in.

From “Psychedelic Stereo,” to “Holy Fire,” the spectrum offered within the volume of songs and the dynamism within isn’t something to pass up, no matter if your 6 months or 16 years into electronic/EDM.

MiM0SA been around the block and there’s no doubt ‘Psychedelic Stereo VOL II’ captures this and so much more.


Albums, Hip-Hop | Ant White Drops Riveting 10-Track RAZR Hip-Hop Album

Posted by on December 19, 2020

RAZR carries a deeper reflection of the world Ant White has gotten listeners familiar with.

Dropping a massive 10-set of songs, there’s something for everyone in this colorful, dark, and solid-strength album at hand. From “Out On Bail,” to “Gucci Dragon,” the collection here certainly sticks with dynamism and plenty of narrative built-in, the collection of songs glues with anyone who walks alongside with music in their life.

Ant White has unequivocally been on a roll lately, even given the state of the pandemic-era we continue to be in, regular music and content stands to be the norm.

With Ant White flare being properly recognized more and more, the future is bright for this artist.

Albums | Halfofyou Gets Playful via “Diablita”

Posted by on December 15, 2020

Cuban bred artist Halfofyou returns with his latest single “Diablita.” The single is a genre-blending vibe that molds sounds of reggaetón, hip-hop, and a touch of electronic into a groovy sounding banger. Carrying a slick rythmic beat and bold flair that is full of flavor, this is a great introduction to the upcoming artists music. Check out a quote below now from Halfofyou on the track and listen to it above now!

“”Diablita” was my first ever attempt at making a reggaetón beat, shortly after releasing ‘Por Ti’ on platforms. I was listening to a lot of Ozuna and Bad Bunny to get inspired and that’s what came out.” – Halfofyou

Albums | Heath240 and Daniel Price Connect on “Chirp”

Posted by on December 12, 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, the clash of genres and influences in music gets bigger by the second. Take “Chirp” by Boston-based-artist Heath240 for example: seamlessly blending elements of hip-hop and bedroom pop into one cohesive sound that sounds like the future of pop music. Check out “Chirp” by Heath240 featuring Daniel Price above now!

Albums | EXCLUSIVE: Shuz’s EP Finale “Reborn,” A Nostalgic Throwback On ‘Paradox’ EP

Posted by on December 11, 2020

From the mysterious yet clear-cutting “Abyss,” to the nostalgic and reminiscent “Reborn,” Shuz has now unleashed a music journey that won’t soon be forgotten.

Bass and trap intersect with the many-mooded Paradox EP.

The flow of music stitched-here capturing something comfortable – if neck-breaking beats fitting for festival events tends to be your thing.

Music can be melded and re-formed an infinite positions, Shuz’s choice to give depth and meaning to his work through word-play, and by extension, sound-play, is something genuine and refreshing.

In particular, “Reborn,” ends up being a unique choice as a closer, off of Paradox EP, for these types of reasons; drawing many parallels that new fans and first-day homies alike can relate to.

“Reborn,” was originally released in 2018, but now stands re-inclusion as the closing track on the Dec. 11th, 2020 EP heard above, the final track.

Including a past original and bringing it into the forefront is a catchy gesture – Shuz discography comes equipped with other audible goodies that do not escape those who often delve-in to their music.

This type of cleverness doesn’t go unnoticed in 2020, with the need for an ‘it’ factor being a key part to every single or EP/album as things move forward in music/music streaming.

Releasing with labels in the past that have distinct establishment and developing a sound that becomes ever-more defined and sweeping, Shuz hits many high points across the board, not leaving things to chance when it comes to his social presence.

Hear for yourself what Shuz has to offer.