Albums | Autistic 17-Year-Old Rapper Tyler K Aims To Change Stigma Around Autism With New Album SPECTRUM

Posted by on May 24, 2023

In a world where artists constantly strive to be unique and break boundaries, Tyler K, a remarkable 17-year-old rapper with autism, emerges as a beacon of inspiration. With the release of his latest album, SPECTRUM, Tyler not only showcases his immense talent but also challenges stereotypes and champions inclusivity. Drawing from his personal journey and unwavering character, Tyler’s charismatic persona shines through in this thought-provoking collection of tracks.

Tyler K’s story is one of resilience and triumph over adversity. Born in a small city near Xi’an, China, he faced abandonment by his biological family but was fortunately adopted and raised in the United States. Despite enduring numerous challenges, including the loss of loved ones and multiple surgeries, Tyler’s unwavering spirit shines brightly in his music. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Jacksonville, Florida, he draws inspiration from local artists such as Yungeen Ace and Foolio while also admiring the genre-bending prowess of Tyler, The Creator. This unique blend of influences contributes to Tyler K’s distinctive sound, setting him apart in the industry.

As an independent artist, Tyler K aspires to become a global inspiration, using his personal story as a means to connect with people worldwide. His album, SPECTRUM, takes its name from his autism, a condition he aims to shed light on and redefine through his music. Tyler’s determination to challenge the stigma surrounding autism is evident throughout the album, as he showcases his ability to excel among the best despite the diagnosis. With SPECTRUM, Tyler seeks to change perceptions and promote inclusivity, urging listeners to embrace diversity and recognize that talent knows no limitations.

Tyler K’s SPECTRUM album leads with the powerful single, “Run With Me,” setting the tone for the captivating journey that awaits listeners. The album effortlessly blends thought-provoking lyrics, infectious beats, and melodic hooks, showcasing Tyler’s versatility as an artist. Each track reveals a different facet of his musical prowess, as he seamlessly transitions between hip-hop, pop, and even orchestral elements. It’s evident that Tyler K is carving his own unique path in the industry, refusing to confine himself to a single genre or style.

Throughout the album, Tyler’s lyrics delve into personal experiences, painting vivid pictures of his triumphs, struggles, and aspirations. The authenticity and vulnerability in his words make SPECTRUM an incredibly relatable and emotionally charged listening experience. Tracks like “Breaking Barriers” and “Unleashed Potential” highlight his determination to overcome obstacles and inspire others to do the same.

Albums | Beau Turrentine Proves he is force to be reckoned with on “Gotta Setta Limit”

Posted by on May 23, 2023

With “Gotta Setta Limit,” Beau Turrentine emerges as a formidable talent, a force to be reckoned with in the country and rock n’ roll scene. His fearless approach to music, combined with his introspective songwriting and electrifying vocals, sets him apart from the crowd. Collaborating with producer Beau Bedford has proven to be a winning combination, resulting in a single that is both unapologetically aggressive and undeniably captivating. As we eagerly anticipate the release of Beau Turrentine’s self-titled debut album, “Gotta Setta Limit” serves as a tantalizing taste of the artistic brilliance that lies ahead. This is only the beginning for Beau Turrentine, and we can’t wait to see where his musical journey takes him next. Brace yourself for a wild ride through the soul-stirring soundscape created by this up-and-coming artist to keep your eyes on.

Albums | Planet Zuzy Unveils Debut Single “Higher”

Posted by on May 22, 2023

Planet Zuzy is not your average DJ. Originally born in Poland, Zuzy spent most of her childhood moving from Spain to China, Mexico, and Switzerland. Music was the one thing that kept her grounded, whether that be DJing when she was eight years old to taking on the drums, guitar, piano, and singing. She quickly went from playing in the back alleys of the East Village to scoring major gigs at festivals and the city’s hottest clubs as well as opening for big names in the industry like EDX, Disco Lines, Pete Tong, Sam Blacky, and Hugel.

Now, after releasing a handful of hit remixes, Planet Zuzy excitedly makes her full debut with original single “Higher,” out now on all platforms. A deep club heater packed with catchy vocals and a groovy baseline, “Higher” is crafted for the dance floor.

“Higher” is out now, and features a Radio edit, Extended cut, and VIP.


Albums | Ahead of their EDC Las Vegas circuitGROUNDS opening performance, mysterious producer Modapit unveils mesmerizing live recorded set

Posted by on May 19, 2023

Newly-minted producer Modapit is an enigmatic artist emerging from the shadows of underground dance music. Shrouded in their signature fishnet veil, Modapit’s secrecy allows listeners to look beyond the artist and directly at what the artist wants to present: the juxtaposition between a gothic, edgy streetwear look and euphoric, swirling pop-electronic sounds. By removing the ‘ego’ of the artist, fans fully immerse themselves into Modapit’s disparate, fashion-forward multiverse. 

Modapit is revving up towards their debut album, a full-length project that promises to further spotlight the producer’s bold and diverse electronic music vision. By embracing the beauty of creative partnership, the LP will reflect the deeply collaborative tenets of the Modapit brand. Filmmakers David Borges and Carlos Perez have helped build out the Modapit universe, developing a stark visual aesthetic surrounding the producer’s mind-melding dance sonics. All together, they’ve crafted a funeral-rave vibe – a defining artistic ethos representing Modapit’s out-of-the-box approach and propensity towards detailed world-building. 

Now, the producer unveils their newest vision, a recorded, gorgeously-stylized DJ set at Las Vegas’ creative studio space Red Wall. Directed by David Borges, this 40-minute set complements Modapit’s rave-fueled DJ skills with mesmerizing lightning setups and an energetic assortment of songs ranging from edits of contemporary bangers (Mau P – “Drugs From Amsterdam [Modapit VIP],” Kx5 – “Bright Lights [Modapit VIP]”), to their own tracks (“Dancing [Live Edit],” “Falling In Love,” “Out Of Control”), to various unreleased Modapit IDs. Check the set out here.

Albums | Dwin, The Stoic Connects with Kelechief on “Don’t Wait Up”

Posted by on May 17, 2023

‘Don’t Wait Up’ featuring Kelechief, immediately grabs your attention with its highly strung and experimental dose of Afropop. From the onset, the percussion elements infuse an infectious afrobeats vibe, while Dwin’s pop-woven melodies and distinctive vocals take the track in a whole new sonic direction. There are moments reminiscent of Rag’n’Bone Man, as Dwin’s commanding vocal presence stops you in your tracks. ‘Don’t Wait Up’ transcends the norms of Afropop, showcasing what makes Dwin, The Stoic a truly special artist to watch out for in 2023.

Albums | Finnish House Producer Per2 Debuts on Youth Control with Infectious ‘Cloud’ EP

Posted by on May 12, 2023

Set to turn heads and get dance floors vibing, Finnish producer Per2 arrives with his hotly
anticipated debut on the taste-making Youth Control label. The artist formerly known as Perttu
cooks up a fresh mix of garage swing, catchy melodies and hypnotic drums across all tracks on his
exquisite Cloud EP with support already coming in from the likes of Chicane, Andi Durrant, Influx
Radio and Shakedown Radio.

In an eclectic and accomplished career, the previous incarnation of Per2 has done it all from
working with Butter TM and Bonnie Strange to remixing the likes of Billie Eilish, signing to
Universal and BMG Rights Management, and playing festivals around the world. A drummer since
the age of six, touring internationally in several bands, to being part of the techno and art collective
ParkerStrange, Per2 has lived and breathed all musical styles.

These days he makes electronic music with a big heart and fuses disco, house, funk and
electronica into his own signature forms. The inspiration for this new EP came during a
heartbroken and sober summer which inspired him to explore making music on the piano in his
Helsinki studio, not far from his birth place on the small island of Suomenlinna.

Boutique Finnish label, publisher and party brand Youth Control has always discovered
homegrown talent and successfully brought them to the wider world, gaining support from big
name DJs such as Armand Van Helden, Steve Aoki and Todd Edwards, as well as high profile
radio plays on the likes of BBC Radio 1. After a brief hiatus, the label began another epic journey

to uncover the best hidden gems in the local electronic music scene. The result is a release
schedule full of new, exciting and talented producers and DJs, such as Per2,all set to explode onto
the global stage. The new artists join a label roster that is home to the likes of label founders
TJH87 as well as renowned artists such as Rony Rex, Roisto, Disco Despair and Terminé.
The superb opener of this EP is ‘Cloud’, a lush and uplifting mix of shimmery, summery chords and
indie beats. The precision drums power along a delightfully airy groove as the tenor piano notes
ring out with real emotion.

The excellent ‘Forest’ has a steamy and tropical feel as the bright synths soar to the heavens and
more brilliant live drums drive the groove home. It’s an energetic but heartfelt cut perfect for open
air dancing on warm summer evenings.

Last of all is ‘Solar’ with melancholic piano chords at the centre. They hint at romantic loss but the
rousing synths around it lift the spirits as elegant drums carry you away to a better place.
Per2 has served up a standout debut for Youth Control here and marks another on-point signing
for the quality label.

Albums | Juuku shares his Lavender Dreams & Scarlet Nightmares EP via DIM MAK Records

Posted by on May 8, 2023

Juuku’s ‘Lavender Dreams & Scarlet Nightmares’ EP is a breathtaking debut that highlights his genre-blending talent and innovative production skills. From the dreamy and smooth tracks to the intense and energetic offerings, Juuku expertly navigates his colorful universe, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in his world. With this remarkable release under his belt and his recent signing to Dim Mak Records, Juuku’s future in the electronic music scene shines brightly, promising even more extraordinary musical experiences to come. Tune in to the EP above now!