Triptych Miró’s Debut is a Rollercoaster of Sounds

Posted by on April 20, 2019

L.A. based duo Triptych Miro just came out with their first ever single entitled “Maybe” and it is sick. Back in July 2017 Erez Sivan and Sapphire Adizes met through family friends. Initially neither was eager to meet the other, ‘another family friend’s kid’s music,’ sigh, but immediately on the first day they met, they discovered a unique bond and explosive chemistry. “Maybe” was written and completed during this first exhilarating session.. Over the course of 2018, the duo would create their EP, Triptych Miró, whose cinematic, yet heartwarming production paints the dramatic epic of what it means to fall in and fall out of love. Sivan, is an Israeli born to American parents, and Adizes is an American born to Israeli parents. Working together the duo discovered aspects of their own identities in each other artistry. They brought out new parts and voices in one another, and together created songs that reflect their time, their scope, and their inheritance. “Maybe” sounds like nothing i’ve ever heard before and I am very eager to here what’s next out of the Triptych Miro camp because this is something really special and unique.