Chris Webby – Raising the Bar Part 2

Posted by on October 7, 2010

I’ve held my tongue for too long about Chris Webby. Frankly, I didn’t want to give him the time of day. I’m not really into supporting artists who are self proclaimed junkies. That’s just not really my cup of tea. Plus, I don’t like he how plays the, “I’m so poor card, when my album comes out, please buy it”. Take that low class narrow minded nonsense somewhere else. We get it. You’re an up and coming white rapper with a “hood” complex. Yada Yada Yada.

Then, I come across another illogical thrown together rant on GMAD. Listen up, don’t insult everyone’s intelligence with, “It’s just a joke…”. Are you kidding me? Who else would he be talking about? Mike Jones? Save it. This is yet another desperate attempt to gain attention by a rapper who makes less per show, is less marketable, and has terrible management.

Everyone always loves to hate on Fresh New Tracks for sticking up for Sam. They say, “Why are you on Sam’s jock”? Let me tell you something playboy, we’re not on his jock. We’ve been down since day one. Not only is he someone we admire musically, he is someone who we consider to be a personal friend. We’ve known him way before this music thing. What would you do if you saw somebody putting down your friend? You would do what every decent friend would do and step in and stick up for them.

The main contention between Sam Adams and Chris Webby is that Sam Adams lacks lyrical content. News flash! Sam Adams doesn’t claim to be a lyrical rapper. He’s pop rap. People think they’re criticizing him when they say that. Show me a hit song with Chris Webby on it. Show me a song that’s been featured regularly on MTV. Show me a song that appeals to both girls and guys on a national stage. Show me something that has radio potential. I just don’t see it in his music. Chris Webby’s “bottom feeder” mentality rap is wearing thin and is frankly losing my interest and the interest of labels.

Bottom line, Sam Adams gets a lot of hate. However, at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, “Who is more successful”? When it comes to success, Chris Webby can’t even hold a candle. Is Chris Webby talented? Of course he is. Is he destined to remain a gully bottom feeder rapper that gains moderate notoriety? Perhaps. I just can’t stand the constant barrage of hate towards Sam Adams when Chris Webby has accomplished only half of what he has. Stop with the shots Chris. Not only does it make you look desperate, it speaks volumes about your character.

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