Chill | Sander Van Doorn & Firebeatz – Guitar Track (Sam Feldt Remix)

Posted by on July 9, 2014

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Hot damn Sam Feldt went in with this latest remix of Sander Van Doorn & Firebeat’s “Guitar Track” and you’re about to go in too as soon as you press play, cause it has everything we love in our deep house music, reverb guitars, saxophone, hypnotic piano, or another words: soul. Signed to Spinnin Records, and slowly building his name with remixes, and finely curated mixes to introduce you to the hottest deep house records at the moment, Sam is a producer/DJ you’re going to want to keep an eye on! This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Sander Van Doorn & Firebeatz – Guitar Track (Sam Feldt Remix)

Progressive House | Sander Van Doorn – Neon (Club Mix)

Posted by on August 5, 2013

This is what Serotonin sounds like. Sander Van Doorn is a happiness pusher, and his latest single is hitting the streets with force. Let him deal you a dose of bliss by the name of Neon. At first it’s a familiar feeling; you are no stranger to the beat. Ghostly whistles, powerful strings and bouncing synths find their way into your consciousness, giving you the feeling that something unfamiliar is beginning. The feeling climbs, then drops off suddenly, peeking your interest.  You’re left alone with the whistles – like a whispering ghost that is both mysterious and comforting. The strings return to you suddenly in strong waves, and you’re on your way up. The feeling keeps rising, the joy coursing through your veins and dominating every thought. Then, finally, you hit the peek and ride the euphoric feeling for what seems like eternity. You may find yourself smiling, or dancing uncontrollably – this is just the song doing its job. All good things must come to an end however, and on the way down you find yourself with the eerie whispers that make you crave another go. Feel free to go on a smile binge, and lock this down on repeat. Sander has plenty of love to go around.

Beatport: Sander Van Doorn – Neon (Club Mix)

Events | Making Good Decisions at Global Dance Festival

Posted by on July 18, 2013


This weekend marks the 11th running of Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks, presented by Colorado’s own electronic pioneers, Triad Dragons. Now, this may come off a little strong, but Global is honestly the reason why I fell in love with electronic music in the first place. Not trying to sound like a total n00b to the electro game because quite frankly I was listening to Basement Jaxx, Ace of Base and Fatboy Slim’s “Sun Is Shining”  before I could even read the lyrics so the point I’m actually trying to make here is that Global made me fall in love with the electronic music of our generation (I will NOT reference the E-word, ugh gag me). But the unique thing about Global isn’t the elaborate stage production, yoga circles or 12-hour long DJ sets but the fact that founders Ha Hau and Kostas Kouremenos have stayed true to their mission, and that is bringing in fresh talent and keeping up with the changing tides of the music industry. Not only that, it’s a beautiful amphitheater with natural yet incredible acoustics, with the nicest, most genuine, borderline eclectic crowd out there in the festival circuit. The fans, the producers, the shot callers, there all there for one thing, and that’s the music.

In fact, if there’s one thing you can take away from Global be it that you are presented with the opportunity of witnessing some of the most talented upcoming acts mere moments before their career takes off. Take a look at past lineups and you’ll see what I mean. Even looking at this year’s, you might roll your eyes and pout, But, ehh, where’s Deadmau5? No Armin? What about Porter? Well, you’re a few years too late for those guys, but hey, without further ado, I’m gonna clue you in on everyone you need to see this weekend and why. So when your friends show you some average Instagram photo taken from only the 1,000th row back at Sander van Doorn’s Tomorrowworld set, you can shit on them with your epic, close-up, well-filtered, brilliantly contrasted shot with the Denver Skyline in the background. You’re welcome.



Mix | Kap Slap – Slapcast Volume 1 (Hour Mix)

Posted by on May 20, 2013

Kap Slap

Fresh off his spring tour, Kap Slap has just made everyones summer with the announcement of a new bimonthly hour mix series entitled the “Slapcast.” Since Kap Slap started a new page in his career transitioning to original material, many of us were left concerned we’d never see his unsurpassed signature style bootlegs again. Luckily, Kap Slap has answered our prayers and released his latest mix, which features those bootlegs we love oh so much. The mix starts off HUGE with an edit from one of the most epic tracks out right now, Icona Pop’s, “I Love it.” Whether you need an hour long mix of continuous bangers for the gym, car, or parties, click the download button below and click the “more” button to see the tracklist.


Progressive House | Sander van Doorn, Dubvision & Mako – Into the Light

Posted by on April 29, 2013


When you combine Sander Van Doorn with talented up and comers Mako and one of the leaders in the new era of progressive house, Dubvision, you are sure to have a hit on your hands. “Into The Light” utilizes the soothing vocals of Mariana Bell in conjunction with slow key play and dark chords, setting the atmosphere before the frantic build and intense drop. This track truly showcases each of the collaborators individual style, in turn creating something of which we would not have seen from any of them alone.

Beatport: Sander van Doorn, Dubvision & Mako – Into the Light

Exclusive, Mashups | DOSVEC – Joy Flash

Posted by on February 26, 2013


With another major snow storm here is a BANGER to get your juices flowing and keep you warm. “Joy Flash” incorporates to massive tunes and the end result is a RAGER!!!


DJ-Set | Mat Zo Essential Mix 2/8/13

Posted by on February 10, 2013


Following up Eric Prydz’s legendary essential mix last week, Mat Zo had the unfortunate job of trying to follow up that otherworldly two hour mix. Mat Zo manages to mix 75 songs into the 2 hours given to him, making for some very quick transitions and interesting drops. The mix takes you on a journey of genre and style moving through not just trance or house, but through tech, nu-disco and even some drum n bass, as be used to make it himself under his MRZO alias. The mix is nothing like you would hear from a Mat Zo club set, but rather the eclectic taste of the artist and displaying his care free attitude for barriers in music. The mix features new tracks from his upcoming album, including the funky “Pyramid Scheme”, which we have heard in his sets for the past few months and also has some exclusive cuts from The M MAchine and fellow Anjunabeats label mates Andrew Bayer and Norin & Rad. Tracklist after the jump.