Bass | Saint Punk Gets Heavy In New “Guttuh” House Single

Posted by on April 22, 2019

Saint Punk has been continuously stealing the Spotlight with his recent house heavy releases that often build in rock and gritty attributes. The solo artist, who there is not too much known about, was invited to play at Confessions Miami Music Week event in 2019, and word on the street is he killed it. “Guttah” takes things in a heavier direction to say the least, the single featuring banging, metallic house-based drops that slap with a vengeance. The tune is not for the faint of heart to say the least.

Saint Punk’s releases often pack a punch, “Guttuh” fitting in the realm of what would be expecting while delivering on an overall satisfying and original release. Saint Punk is set to drop more singles this summer, keep an eye on his channels to learn more about this guy.

Bass | Saint Punk Drops Bass-Heavy Remix Of Nine Inch Nails’ “March Of The Pigs”

Posted by on September 25, 2018

Having only released 3 tracks in less than 6 months, Saint Punk has several elements going right. His latest is a filthy take on a legendary electronic-based artist Nine Inch Nails. The remix showcases a bass-house influence with what seems like an ever-so-slight future house influence, Saint Punk has put a fresh twist on an old classic to say the least.

Saint Punk’s creative take on bass music, in general, sets him apart from the market he falls in, at least at this time. His branding is organized and his music stays within a spectrum of recognizable in it’s totality, but differentiates release to release. Saint Punk is on the path of something unique at a minimum and will surely be dropping more in the near-future.