Bass, Chill | Moving Castle Leader Robokid Returns With “Fishing Lessons”

Posted by on June 23, 2018

For starters this music video is amazing (WATCH HERE), but a little wacky. Moving Castle alumni member Robokid hasn’t dropped any new music in a hot minute, so I was hyped to see this new drop. Not only did “Fishing Lessons” come with a new audio track but there is a hilarious video to go along with it. Sticking to his standard form, L.A. producer/vocalist/musician Robokid creates some ambient future pop that will make you nod your head. Enjoy!

Bass, Compilation | Moving Castle Vol. 004

Posted by on March 20, 2015

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Collectives are all the rage right now. Moving Castle has stood out among the rest as this group of Internet kids seem to have some serious creativity in the tank. Founding member AOBeats, Manila Killa, and Robokid started this project as a way to push each other to become better producers and they have now pulled in over 15 artists to build what Moving Castle is today. Their latest compilation, Volume 004, really steps up their love for bass-ridden genres and playful accents with the collective bringing in a couple newcomers to feature their tracks. One newcomer, Chet Porter, really shined with his track “Aluko River” that seems to take on a fantastical nature and really transport listeners into a dream-like world. Moving Castle Volume 004 is up for free download as usual so grab your copy now!

Free Download: Moving Castle Vol. 004